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We all love UFS, but there's different kinds of players. Spikes like to win, Timmy is all about casual play, Johnny is the combo man, and there are of course mixes between those groups of identification.

So, the real question is, what are you? Do you know? Would you like to find out? This quiz is to discover your psychographic profile in the world of UFS. It's short and sweet and maybe you'll learn something new or just confirm what you already knew - either way though, it couldn't hurt, right?

Created by: Vikram Sareen

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  1. Which of the following statements BEST DESCRIBES your thoughts on the card Defender?
  2. When you look at a character card - stats, abilities, resources, etc. - what question BEST DESCRIBES how you consider whether or not it's something you want to build?
  3. In a special tournament, you are given the choice of only the following six characters, with no additional restrictions to build your deck. Who are you MOST LIKELY to choose?
  4. When the cards Addes Syndicate and Military Rank were banned, your immediate reaction was MOST SIMILAR to:
  5. Which of the following statements BEST DESCRIBES your approach to playing UFS?
  6. Of the following six sets of cards, which would you MOST LIKELY use in a deck?
  7. If you describe UFS in one sentence, it would be MOST SIMILAR to:
  8. There are three common deck archetypes in CCGs - Aggro, Control, and Combo. There are also hybrids that combine two of those archetypes (and very rarely, all of them). Within those parameters, how would you describe MOST of the UFS decks you build and play?
  9. Which of these statements is MOST SIMILAR to your opinion of the **Rikuo** character card?
  10. Finally, UFS playgroups are diverse social environments where there is a lot of freedom, and chances to improve your game before a big tournament. How would you describe yourself in relation to your playgroup?

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