UFS Psychographic Profile

What kind of UFS player are you? Inquring minds want to know. Or maybe, just yourself. Still, sometimes it can be helpful to know how your psychology impacts your view of the game.

This quiz is geared toward finding out which UFS Psychographic Profile best represents you - are you a Spike, Timmy, Johnny, or some combination of all three? Click here to find out!

Created by: Vikram

  1. Out of the following card pairings, select what you would consider your favorite mix of cards:
  2. Which of the following sentences best describes your approach to UFS?
  3. When you create a new deck, most of the time your intention is to:
  4. Given a choice of the following 6 characters only, in any combination of resources you wish, which one would be your preference to build?
  5. Of the following 6 attacks, choose 1 that best embodies your UFS philosophy:
  6. When you think of the card Hesitation, what springs to mind?
  7. When you think of the card Yoga Mastery, what springs to mind?
  8. In any given tournament environment, your goal is to:
  9. Which of the following Street Fighter: Fight for the Future cards most inspires you to build a deck around it?
  10. What do you enjoy most about UFS?

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