How Much Are You In Tune With The Paranormal?

Are there aliens out there? What about ghosts or vampires? Some people believe, and others don't. Your world-view is very different than another person who has different beliefs about the paranormal.

Do you believe in aliens? What about zombies? How much of a paranormalist are you? Do you think you could be whisked away by ET-like beings any second? Find out with this quiz!

Created by: Andrew
  1. Have you ever thought you saw a UFO?
  2. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  3. Do you believe in alien life?
  4. You see a zombie and you have a selection of weapons to choose from, you choose the...
  5. The personification of death is presented as...
  6. In your view, religion...
  7. Would you rather hang out with Buffy or the vampires?
  8. Do you believe in spontaneous human combustion?
  9. Have you ever watched the now-cancelled science-fiction show "Threshold"?
  10. Can you name the stars of "The X Files"?
  11. What animal does the Grim Reaper fear?
  12. Your friends say that there's a haunted house near your neighborhood. You say...
  13. Do you know which country practices voodoo the most?
  14. An object that supposedly let's you talk with the dead is called a ______ board.

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Quiz topic: How Much am I In Tune With The Paranormal?