Are You A True Dirt Tracker

There are many dit treck fans but few dirt trackers. Dirt trackers, afterall,quiet impressave people. What is a dirt tracker? A dirt tracker is some one who knows all about dirt cars and track conditions &can tune a car to handle well on all conditions.

Are you a true dirt tracker? Do you know all there is to know about the cars, their equipment & how to tune it just right for any conditions.Until now you could olny wonder. But thanks to this great quiz in just a few miniunits you will find out.

Created by: Tyler
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  1. How often do u go to the local dirt track race on Saturday?
  2. After the race do you ever go into the pits and talk to the drivers?
  3. What is color is bad luck fo racing?
  4. what is not a firesuit brand name
  5. what brand is both a fire suit and a seat
  6. what brand is both a fire suit and a seat
  7. Where do u go to the bathroom if ut favirot feature is about to come up?
  8. How many racing shirts do you own
  9. how much money do u spend at the novelty shop
  10. this question dose not count against your score Who is your favorit nascar driver

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