How Guyanese Are You

It does not matter what you hear about Guyana or where you come from, people still try to pass themselves off as Guyanese...don't be fooled, take the quiz and be sure!

This Quiz will give you something to think about, tickle the brain and seperate the real Guyanese from the passers by. don't be fooled. Take the quiz and be sure!

Created by: Lights

  1. What is Parasad?
  2. A guyanese wake must have..?
  3. Aloo is?
  4. What is a Corkball?
  5. Guyanese Favourite Pets
  6. Piwari is a popular...?
  7. Seawall?
  8. How Much "Curry" is Allowed in One Meal?
  9. Nine O'clock in the Morning Means?
  10. How do You Know it Will Rain?
  11. Who is a Chiney?

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