Are You In Love? (Accurate)

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It sounds pointless when you hear the name that tells whether a person is in love it not. But, as a matter of fact, everybody is not that well-acknowlegded with their emotions. Thus, a person can be confused sometimes whether he/she is in love or not.

For those people, this quiz could turn out to be a great help. In a matter of moments, all you have to do is think and answer the questions correctly, and you will know whether you are in live or not.

Created by: Jeeshan

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  1. Does the thought of a person (or a particular person) repeated comes to your mind?
  2. With that particular person, or Quarry, have you ever been in a conversation lasting longer than 90 seconds?
  3. Whenever you approach your Quarry, or see your Quarry smiling on seeing you, do you feel any kind if weird emotion?
  4. Whenever your Quarry approaches you, do you feel butterflies?
  5. Have you ever had thoughts like these: "What if he/she dislikes...", "What would happen if I look like a clown?", etc.? In short, did you ever try to be normal or impressive in front of your Quarry?
  6. Do you find your Quarry attractive?
  7. Do you talk about your Quarry with your friends?
  8. Would you mind if your Quarry hugs you?
  9. Do you feel little uncomfortable around your Quarry?
  10. Do you like it whenever your Quarry does something for you?

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Quiz topic: Am I In Love? (Accurate)