how much you love your bff?pt.2

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"best friends for ever"are amazing people.everyone who has one,is one of the happiest person in the world!i have one and i love her so much and i can tell my secrets to her

without being worried to maybe she tells it to someone.i think everyone should have one!it's my opinion.this quiz will show you how much you love your bff.hope you like it!

Created by: dragon

  1. so,the bell rang and you should go to class again..
  2. you go to see your bff sitting on a chair and everyone are laughing at her/him.
  3. finally!the school finishs!you two are walking to your houses.bff is quiet and angry.
  4. "why you told them..?"says your bff slowly."WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME?!"
  5. "i trusted you.."he/she says and runs away.
  6. in your way to home,you see one of the students calls "alana".she's so sellfish..and she hates you and your bff!
  7. "oh,hey [your name]."alana says."lol!what's wrong?did you lost your bff?:D"
  8. "you heard us when we were talking.."you say."aha.i guess i did"she says walk away,it's all her fault now your bff thinks that you told everybody his/her secret.
  9. "bye-bye"she says and leaves."uh!it's not fair!i should go and tell her this!"you say with you go to your house wanna call your bff.wait!what do you wanna tell her/him?
  10. you called your bff.but she/he doesn't belive you.she/he still thinks that you told them the secret.
  11. this quiz was short but i prommiss to make the next part at least 15 questions!bye!

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Quiz topic: How much you love my bff?pt.2