Does he/she love you or just flirt with you?

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Sometimes we get confused, if someone behaves really with us. It can be love or it can be flirt. We have know that before taking any decision because if we take any strong decision without knowing what that person wants then it can be harmful to our emotions.

Are you in this type situation? You love/like someone but you exactly don't that person really thinks about you.Maybe just that person is playing with your emotions or really loves you. Take the quiz and get the answer.

Created by: Diya Roy
  1. You like him/her because-
  2. You're sad for any reason and you need someone in that time. Did anything happen with u like this and that time he/she came to u?
  3. Whenever you do something wrong, does he/she try to make u understand that u did wrong?
  4. How long u know each other?
  5. Did u ever see him/her with someone else? (I mean with their opposite gender)
  6. Did he/she do anything special for u?
  7. Something really embarrassing happened with u and everybody is laughing at u, What he/she will do?
  8. What does he/she like about u the most?
  9. Did he/she ever keep any secret to u and u heard that from someone else?
  10. What's your personal thinking about him/her?

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