Time to flirt! Pt.3

Be on the lookout for part four coming tomorrow! Mmm get ready for a thrill :).

Do YOU think you have what it takes to lure in the one you love? Or will you fall for someone else? Find out in, it's time to flirt! Series.

Created by: Birdsong

  1. Here's a recap on what happened last chapter. Jake mysteriously calls you to the park for something, what could it be?
  2. Jake puts a blindfold gently over your eyes and takes your hand. But accidentally you trip over a branch or something and you fall on Jake. You both collapse with you landing on top. Your face turns red as you start apologizing and start to get off but... Jake holds you there. He gently pushes your head down and kisses you. The other time he kissed you was short and you never got to feel his lips. They were soft, like a big fluffy pillow. Without the fluff of course... -_- anyway you two kiss for about 3 minutes, (pausing to breath of course) until Jake finally helped you up. You both look at each other for a minute but then you said, soo what's the thing you wanted to show me? Jake blushed then said, oh yeah.. He takes your hand again and starts leading you away.(no blindfold this time.) Finally you got to an open clearing and Jake let go of your hand. He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. You hear some twigs snapping in the trees and suddenly.........
  3. A beautiful black horse trots into the clearing. Jake walks up to it and hops on. He motions for you to come closer. He winks and says, mylady? You give him a smile and take his hand. He lifts you up behind him and you wrap your arms around him as he nudges the horse into a canter. You ride on a beautiful trail until sunset, feeling jakes warmth as it starts to get chilly. You wish you would've brought a jacket. Jake can feel you move closer to him as you get colder. ________ are you okay? He asks with concern. Just a little cold, you reply. I don't think it's just a "little". Let's go home. You don't say anything. Your too cold. When you get home Jake gets off the horse. You moan as you have to move, because it feels like your limbs had frozen. Jake lifts off the horse and asks, can you walk? You stiffly start moving towards your door. Yeah I can manage, thanks. Jake walks with you to the door and you both hug each other goodnight. Before Jake leaves you give him a quick kiss. You quietly go up into your room and quickly fall asleep.
  4. When you wake up the next morning you feel as though someone took a flamethrower to your throat. You try to get out of bed but your limbs also feel like there on fire. All you can do is wait until one of your parents come to see why your not up. It only took a half hour before your mom came to investigate. She sees you lying there and says, honey get up, it's already 11! You can't say anything so you just smile weakly. She walks over with a look of concern on her face and feels your forehead. Oh my goodness your burning up! She's run into the bathroom and grabs the thermometer. She puts it in your mouth and waits. She pulls it out and says, hmm 104...
  5. You spend most of the day in your bed and eating soup. Nick, Will, and Jake all tried to visit you but your mom doesn't let them. You recover some of your strength by the end of the day but your mom still keeps you in your bed. By tomorrow you still have to stay in bed but she lets the guys visit. Suddenly it's like there all there at once, crowding around your bed, and asking how your doing. You would've thought you were close to death! Eventually Wills the first to leave, then Nick, but Jake stays for a couple more minutes. Hey, I should've told you to bring a jacket, cause we were gonna stay out late. He said, frowning. You take his hand. It's not your fault, you say. Jake leans in to kiss you but then Nick bursts in. Jake quickly pulls back face reddening in embarrassment. You see Nick have a hurt expression on his face. What do you do???
  6. You decide that you can't take anymore of the silence. Um, guys? Can you please leave, i need to ah.. Sleep... They both nod and glare at each other, then they leave. Your mom comes in. Boy trouble? She asks. You nod sighing. Your mom smiles and leaves. Monday morning you decide you can go to school. You wear...
  7. You put on (what you chose) and grab an apple for breakfast. When you get to school you see Will standing near the front door, where most people cant see him. And he's crying. You rush over there and say, what's wrong? He doesn't say anything so you sit down next to him. He sits there until he realizes your next to him. You put an arm and ask what's wrong again. He can only say one thing. Dawn. He puts his head in his hands again. You try to ask more but he won't say anything else. The bell rings and you sigh. During lunch you get a text from Will saying, Dawn broke up with me because I told her that my parents kicked me out, and she said that she didn't want to go out with someone who lived somewhere other than his own house. It was pretty rough. What do you text back?
  8. You text back some comforting words and go get your lunch. At the end of school you see Will trying to talk to Dawn. Then you think he got to far because she reached out and slapped him. You walk up next to Will and say to dawn, hey, don't slap Will, Dawn. He's just going through a hard time right now. She glares at you and then say, you can't tell me what to do you idiot! Then she slaps you. Thankfully the principal walked into the lunchroom just as Dawn slapped you. She walks up to Dawn and grabs her arm. Young lady you are coming with me this instance! She drags her to her office. Will turns to you. Are you okay? He asks. Yeah I'm fine, are you? He nods and smiles. Thanks for backing me up there. He hugs you then walks away. You smile and walk to your next class.
  9. The next day you learn that a new kid is at school, and already he took a kids lunch money. (sorry but I couldnt think of anything else.) So you decide to steer clear of him and his new gang of troublemakers. But of course, you run into him while your talking to Nick. You and Nick were walking down the hall, talking about your project for science. The new kid whispered to one of the guys behind him and suddenly, while you were passing them, one of the guys grabbed Nick!
  10. Let him go! You scream. He turns around and grabs you. You try to yank free but he has a firm grip. Well well well, looks like we have a pretty one our hands. The other guys laugh. Let her go! Nick shouts. The guy that's holding him punches him in the stomach. Hmm, maybe we should kiss to make your boyfriend over there regret what he did. You open your mouth in shock but he's already pushing you up against the locker. You try one last desperate attempt to get away from him but it doesn't work. he starts kissing you!
  11. You can't breath! You manage to shove him away. Anger flares in his eyes. You just made a mistake making me angry, he says, and yanks you around. Just then he snaps your bra! You scream for help, but know there's no one there because it's after school hours, and everyone's home. He yanks you around again and starts to put his hand inside your shirt, but finally, you come back to common sense and knee him in the place no guy wants to get kneed. You run into the bathroom and lock the door. (not the stall door, because people can get in there.) you fix you bra, but are scared to go out. You decide if you sneak around Greg, and take out the guy that's holding Nick, you and him could make a run for it. You slowly open the door...
  12. And run out past Greg! You kick the guy holding Nick and take his hand. You drag him into the bathroom and lock the door again. Your both panting. You hug Nick like there's no tomorrow! A-are you okay? Nick stammers. Yeah, I'm okay, are you? Nick nods. What do we do now? He asks, with a look of worry. We text our parents to come and save us, you say with a weak smile. Nick frowns though, I hate him for what he did to you, he said, blushing a little. You can't take it anymore, you lunge forward and kiss Nick!
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!! Srry. Rate and comment?

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