The Flirt Game for Girls Part 3

I'm sorry it took me soooooooooo long to get this quiz out but anyways here it is the exciting next chapter of my seris the Flirt Game for Girls enjoy ;)

Who are you in love with. in this quiz you have your pick between 3 oh so cute guys and one new mystious guy now all you need to do is take this quiz to find out:)

Created by: coolkid

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  1. You go to walk your nieghbors dog in the park (that's your summer job) and see Trent doing extreme stunts with his skateboard. He comes over to you and says you look awesome. You think
  2. Trent asks you if you want to see some extreme stunts he's been working on. you say yes and he does a double flip and lands safely. He asks you where you want to go on your date. you say...
  3. After talking to Trent you go home to pick out a swim sute after you put on a hot pink one piece you go to the gym early only Brandon beat you there. You relize you forgot your goggles and Brandon gives you a brand new pink pair he says he wanted to give them to you. you say
  4. Brandon asks you if you want to practice your swim strokes "you can never get to much practice" he says "oh by the way nice swim sute" you notice he blushes as he says it. you think he's ...
  5. You stop by Amy's house to see how she's feeling. Matt opens the door and says hi nervously you think he is
  6. Matt sneaks another note into your pocket as you're about to leave this time he asks you to set up a date and to call sometime tomarrow. you...
  7. As you bike home you notice a guy stalking you he has black hair with red streaks with a black hoodie over his eyes. Interested
  8. He stops you and introduces himself as Jake. you notice he's goth and has a scar like HPs. You think
  9. Theese next questions have no effect. Did you enjoy this quiz
  10. Will you stay tunned for part 4
  11. Bye

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