The Flirt Game for Girls Part 2

Welcome Back to The Flirt Game for Girls except this is part two of my exciting quiz saga. I hope you enjoy and I sooooooooooooooooooooooo hope you'll be back for part 3 enjoy.

Hi here you can have your pick of 3 awesome hot guys based on the questions you answear all three guys love you but you can only choose one I hope you like it and stay for the next one.

Created by: coolkid

  1. You're at home and you here the doorbell ring, you rush to the door and Trent is standing there. You open the door and he comes inside "Did I get the right house?" He asks he says he wanted to drop off a sighn up sheet for a play and he strikes up a conversation you notice he's wearing a sute. You...
  2. Trent hesitates for a second and then asks you out for next week he says your parents said it's ok. Do you accept
  3. A few hours later you go to Brandon'a house to bike to swim practice. You see you both have to same kind of bike his is red yours is hot pink. On your way to practice he asks you if you like video games and want to come over to a gameing party for the swim team. You...
  4. At practice your coach divides the team in half for a game Brandon and a boy called Dean are team captains you're on Brandons team. How Hard do you play
  5. When you get home you change clothes and go to Amy's house to walk to the animal shealter together, Matt opens the door and says Amy sprained her ankle so they couldn't go Matt asks you a question and you talk for a bit you ask to see Amy and he said you can then he asks you if you wanna go out next week you...
  6. You chat with Amy for an hour and before you leave Matt slips a note in your pocket when your out of sight you read it. it says he loves you even though you just met. you ...
  7. Who do you love?
  8. No effect. Whats your favorite type of movie?
  9. No effect did you like this quiz?
  10. Last question bye

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