Your flirting game part 2

Hiya peeps! Welcome to your flirting game part 2!!! Take part 1 before this or your results will he too confusing. Ok? Oh and what you do is you pick who you got in the results from last time. That is the only question that really counts.

I love making these so I hope you stay tuned for part 3!! Another thing is that if you get Jake or Kendall, it says 'stay tuned for part 2' but I meant part 3. Ok? lol. Hope you like.

Created by: Rockstar123

  1. Hi!!! Welcome back! This is the only question that counts so who did you get last time on part one? If you haven't took it, please do now.
  2. Ok
  3. Ok
  4. Ok
  5. Ok
  6. Ok
  7. Ok
  8. Ok
  9. Ok
  10. Comment and rate! Stay tuned for part 3!!!

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Quiz topic: My flirting game part 2