Your Flirting Game Part 1

This isn't the copy if the other two flirting games. It was a brilliant from 54packers and I wanted to make my own series. Thank you 54packers! Oh and take her new series love online! It's awesome! Another thing is if you get Seth on the results, I didn't get to finish so stay tuned for part 2!!!!

Ok u pick a guy you like and start a story with him. Understand? Lol too bad if you don't, just go along with it. Oh and comment and rate and leave a suggestion!!!! Oh and also take my other series middle school love story parts 1-6!!!

Created by: Rockstar123
  1. A boy is brown golden hair that is like the sunlight. He has blue eyes that are to die for. He sometimes have a temper but is sweet once you know him. Interested?
  2. Another has dirty blonde hair and crystal green emerald eyes that are so hypnotizing.....anyways he cares for every animal and would love to be with you. Interested?
  3. Another boy has reddish brown hair the glimmers in the sun. His golden eyes seem to get yourself lost and in love. He is the bad boy and sometimes a player, but every option has a happy ending. Anyways are you interested?
  4. Ok that's all I need but stay tuned for part 2!!! Ok?
  5. Ok
  6. Ok
  7. Ok
  8. Ok
  9. Ok
  10. Comment and rate!!!

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Quiz topic: My Flirting Game Part 1