going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 3

So, here it is people! Part three! *Claps and cheers* why thank you, thank you very much! So, I kind of left you guys off with an exciting part in part

2 didn't I? so now you get to see what all that stuff was about! So, I hope you enjoy the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. You hear whispering, softly. You feel the rumble of the train move and you're warm. You groan and open your eyes to find Harry, Hermione, Ron and Professor Lupin looming over you. "Ah, there she is," Lupin says. "Gave us quite a scare there River," Hermione said. You sit up, noticing that you're on the floor. "What happened?" you asked. "What was that thing?" Lupin sighs.
  2. "Dementors, are what they're called," Lupin answers. "They were checking the train for Sirius Black." He pulls out a chocolate bar and breaks off a piece. "Here, eat this, it will help," he says. You take the chocolate and you eat it, but you hardly feel any difference. It's raining hard now because of your mood. You get up and sit on the seat again. You feel like crying.
  3. You didn't cry though, you just ate chocolate in silence as everyone started small talk again. Again, the chocolate hardly helped and you just looked out the window the whole way there. Finally the train stopped and you had arrived. "Come on," Lupin says, handing you your trunk. "Let's head out, shall we?"
  4. You take your trunk and get out anyway in the pouring rain. You hear a man calling "Firs' years! this way!" You plan on going over with the others but Lupin comes to your side. "You're going with the first years," he informs you.
  5. You nod and then head over to the large man. He smiles at you. "I'm gussin' you're River then?" he asks. You nod. "Yeah," you answer, feeling a little better. "Pick a boat then yer little one!" the man booms. You smile a little, feeling a whole lot better and then get in a boat, even though it's pouring rain. You can see the castle, and the boats start to magically move towards it. Endless turrets and lights that reflect off of the lake. it was amazing.
  6. You make it to the castle and you get out, and leave your trunk where the man orders you to. You then walk into the castle where you see a strict looking lady in green robes. "Hello students," she says. "I am Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House, now if you will fallow me please."
  7. You fallow the lady and doors open up to a hall where there are five tables, a table for the teachers, and then a table for each of the houses. People mostly stare at you because you're taller than the rest of the kids and you're older than all of them. You all gather around a stool with an old hat on it and then McGonagall faces every. "This year we will have a student who was homeschooled joining us this year. She will be joining the rest of the third years so, River _____, why don't we have you go?"
  8. You walk towards the stool and McGonagall puts the hat on your head and everyone falls silent. The hat then starts to talk. "Ah... a new student we have," it says. "Where to put her..." The hat then starts to talk in your ears.
  9. "I know what you're capable of," it says in your head. "What?" you ask out loud. Kids look at each other with weird expressions. "You're special... nine tenths Angelic's are hard to come by..." You're confused, you don't know what it's talking about. "So I will sort you by what you're capable of."
  10. The hat shouts:
  11. "SLYTHERIN!!!"

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