Death's Door Part Eight

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Welcome back. So last quiz, I put in a little twist where Kyle joins your group. The question still remains on whether or not you can trust him...

In this quiz, I have made yet ANOTHER major twist that you might find pleasantly surprising, but I'm not gonna say anything more than that, sorry :P.

Created by: James Bond
  1. So in part Seven you learned that not all enemies are evil. Now in part Eight, you'll learn that not everything is set in stone... Sound good?
  2. Today's the day you come clean about the reading, and the whole incident with Rachel. The question is though- Who do you tell first?
  3. Kyle is in the kitchen, eating his breakfast alone. The other members of the group don't really seem to trust him yet. "Hey, could I ask you something?" You say in a low voice. Kyle looks up from his cereal. "Sure, whats wrong?" He asks, not anything like the old and brutal Kyle that fought for Damian. "Did Damian ever say anything about how I die?" You ask. Kyle's face hardens, uncomfortable on the subject. After he thinks about the answer, he says slowly "Now what I'm about to tell you- it might be too much. I need you to hear me out, no matter what I say. Deal?"
  4. "(Your Name), I'm really sorry to tell you this, but yes. It's true, everything he told you in your dream is true. Sadly, you and the rest of us wont stand a chance..." Your heart sinks. You knew what the answer was before he said it. He sees the sadness in your face. "Now wait a minute, you'll be killed, but that doesn't mean we cant bring you back... In fact, I think I know how to solve that," He says. You stop breathing. What did he just say? You can come back? You guess Kyle sees the shock in your reaction, and laughs. "You want me to go on?"
  5. "WHAT?!" You shout. Luckily, the other four are out of the house so they couldn't have heard the shout, and Rachel is still too bed-ridden to hear anything. Kyle laughs again. "Yeah, you heard me right. My last week before I left Damian, four teens showed up and strolled right into our hideout, they came out of nowhere one day. They had some powers like us, and claimed that they were mutants-for-hire that could be hired for hourly pay, like hit-men. Their powers are obviously stronger than all of us, they could kill Damian without blinking. Their leader's power is the worst out of them- He cant die. No, seriously, he just strait up wont die. Nothing kills him. He isn't strong or fast or smart or anything, so he might not be too big of a problem. Another of the group can control those around him, almost like his personal little puppet. Anyways, another of them has an amazing sense of smell- he can track anybody from Ten miles away... It sounds stupid, but it actually may prove to be a problem." Kyle keeps going on. What do you say?
  6. "So... How does this have anything to do with me?" You ask, a little annoyed. Kyle stops. "I was getting to that. That leaves us with the fourth and final new member of Damian's legion. I think he said his name was Alex. Anyways, Alex might be able to help you- his power is the most interesting I've seen... He can bring back the dead. Somewhat like your friend Emily, but a little bit more useful for the deceased. Now here's the hard part- getting him to betray Damian. I think I may have some ideas on getting him to our side, you wanna hear them?"
  7. "Sure, Lemme hear 'em," you say, filled with hopefulness. "Well, Alex has a brother in this group. He is the one that can control other people, and I think he said his name was Logan. The two of them are inseparable, they will always stick by each others side. I think our best bet would be to convince Logan to join us, and Alex would be right behind him. Now the hard part is getting Logan to side with us... But I think I have something. Logan has always seemed like he doesn't really fully agree with what Damian is doing- something about him says that he's not evil, he's just confused. The only reason he stays with the others is because the leader of their group of four has a hold on him- he threatens to kill his brother if he thinks about turning on them... But if we play our cards right, I think we can pull all this off in the end... Now, I've been droning on for a long time, is there anything you wanna ask me?"
  8. "Well, that's another hard part," Kyle begins. "These four people are spread out all across the town, they aren't all in one place. That means that we can't just rush in there and take them all, this is gonna take some time to pull off. You think your up for it?"
  9. "I'm in..." You say, meaning business. You and him shake on it- a bro shake. That night, the two of you tell the rest of the group your plan. "So we were thinking that since there are two people we need, we should split into two groups: One group goes up into the snowy peaks and takes Logan, while the other group goes to the open plain to take Alex," you say, proud that you had come up with such a great plan. The group agrees on this, and splits into two groups. Now comes the fun part: Which group do you go with?

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