Death's Door Part Four

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Welcome back. In part three, you found out that your powers have consequences, and managed to get one of your group members captured. Nice going...

In part four, you will be rescuing that member, with the help of Jack. This is by far one of the hardest I've made, so don't feel too bad if you fail :P.

Created by: James Bond
  1. "You ready?" Jack asks, his voice shaky. "Nope," You say, just as nervous. "Hah. Me neither. Alright, lets get this over with..." You and Jack sneak up to the abandoned warehouse. You have two options: You can take the front entrance, which is guarded by Kyle- Fighting him might be difficult, because of his teleporting. Or you can take the back entrance, which is guarded by two unfamiliar faces- You have not seen them before, fighting them might be unpredictable. Which entrance do you choose?
  2. The two of you decide that it is better to stick together, so you both go the same entrance. You decide to take the back entrance. The two of you charge out of the trees at the two guards. Before they can notice, you slam one against the stone building with your power, while Jack shoots a surge of electricity at the other, stunning him. The two of you sneak in the building. Where is your best bet to look for Emily?
  3. You and Jack creep towards the padded prison room where you had woken up in. When you reach the outside of the room someone is blocking your path. He looks younger than you by two years, looking about twelve or so. He carries a sword in his left hand. You and Jack approach him, prepared to fight but cautious of his unknown power. Suddenly, not just one is standing there- now there are three of the same person. Now Five. Now Seven. Now Ten, formed in a neat line. His power is obvious now- he can make copies of himself. What do you do?
  4. You and Jack signal each other. He gives you a silent five count before you attack. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. You immediately shoot out at the clones, knocking three down. Two others come at you from both sides, it's almost as if they have their own minds. You duck a stab from the one on your right, and use both your hands to Shoot at both of them, smashing them both into the walls on either side. One of them literally charges you with his sword out, and barely misses you. Jack shoots a bolt at him. The clones are gone, only the real one stands. He seems too tired to make any more, like it wore him out. What do you do?
  5. As you let the cloner run off, you and Jack slowly open the door to the padded cell. Emily sits in the corner, sobbing. You and Jack run over to her, comforting her. "Emily, we gotta get out of here now before more mutants come," Jack says, pulling on her arm. Emily suddenly stops sobbing and smiles. But its not a happy smile, its an evil smile. Emily suddenly changes into a completely different person. You remember Jack telling you about one mutant that could pose as other people. "TRAP!" You shout. The real Emily isn't here. Where do you look now?
  6. You and Jack creep back down towards the upstairs staircase. You can hear a voice up there that sounds familiar- Zack. You remember something about Jack saying that his power was super speed. Considering this, what do you do?
  7. You listen hard for Emily. You can faintly hear a cry that sounds familiar. That's gotta be her. You charge up the steps, and Quickly aim a shot at Zack who is sitting at a table, knocking him backwards out of his seat. Before he can get up, Jack then lights him up with electricity. Yeah, he wont be getting up any time soon. You hear Emily's muffled cry again, this time from around the corner. Rushing over, you find another padded prison room, this time with the real Emily inside, tied to a chair, muzzled. Her eyes light up when she sees the two of you, and Jack immediately frees her. Now comes the fun part, getting out. Which way do you go?
  8. Whichever way you went out, you have all three made it out safely. Emily doesn't speak, she is still too shaken. How do you feel the rescue went?
  9. This quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. Alright, so here are some results on the voting... Some of the leading votes say I should make ten of this series, other votes say fifty. If you want to make a suggestion for how many of these I should make,leave it in the comments box.

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