Death's Door Part Ten

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Welcome to part three of season two. So parts Nine and Ten will be connected to each other greatly, so be aware of everything you did in part nine, it was an important one :P.

So in case you Don't remember, last chapter you had a run in with the police. In this chapter, than run in will come back to haunt you and the rest of the group... Good luck!

Created by: James Bond
  1. The Eight of You watch the TV in disgust. Would be Nine, yet Rachel is still drained from her fatal reading of your fate. Anyways, your run in with the police made the news. Big time. The front page of the newspaper, the radio talk shows, even a breaking news moment. The Headline: "Local teens with mysterious abilities Slaughter Four patrolman." Such a lie, you didn't kill any of the police, you and Mark just needed some food... Governor Hickenlooper gives his speech on the issue: "... Now I'm not entirely sure what those officers encountered in the woods. Whether the rumors are true and there are some with genetic and very real superpowers out there, I promise to put a stop to it. As of now, the national guard will be brought in with our State Militia, and investigate the issue. We are not alone in the real world, it looks like..." Great. That's wonderful, now you have half the army and the entire state of Colorado looking to kill all of you. Thoughts?
  2. "Someone turn this lie off, I cant watch!" Emily says, frustrated. Looks like things have just gotten serious... Mark calls an emergency meeting that night. "Alright... So obviously we have a problem. We have the entire Country after us. We're talking people with guns, tanks, and fighter planes. The whole deal. But on the other hand, we have Damian. His group is getting bigger, and we know that he's keen on killing us all. So as you can see, we have a choice here... Do we focus on The military or Damian? I think the best way to do this is to vote on it, majority rules..." What do you vote?
  3. Regardless of what you voted, the group rules in favor of fighting the national and state armies first... A lot of the group members shout how this isn't the way, but Mark stands by the vote. He definitely lost some respect of the others tonight. So against the odds, it looks like it'll turn out to be You, John, Jack, Mark, Emily, Kyle, Alex, Logan, and maybe Rachel if she gets better soon, against around 300,000 elite soldiers. Once again, the question of the night is asked: Who is the watch guard for tonight. I've asked you this question lots of times before, but now that you have more fighters, I'll let you pick one of them.
  4. The next morning comes. After a long time of slowly getting yourselves together, Five of you are off to meet up with your friendly mutant ally (Back from part Five), David. Mark is hoping that David might be of some help in your impossible fight. Who are the three that stay behind?
  5. Your meeting with David goes alright. It could have been much better, Kyle came off to him as sarcastic and unordered. "Alright Mark... You know I like you and your little passe. You provide us with food, water, and sometimes support in fights. So, I'll return the favor: I'll give you 15 of my best fighters. Deal?"
  6. After some haggling, Mark persuades David to raise the number to 45 members at your side during the fight. Now simply comes the most important choice: when should you strike?
  7. The Five of you drive happily home, with 45 others packed in 20 vehicles, following you. You are still against the odds in this fight, about 300 soldiers total were sent into Denver, vs Mark's small band of 53. Thoughts?
  8. That night, the Eight of your own group members sleeping inside the house while the 45 of David's group happily have a camp-out outside. Before your in bed, you hear a knock on the door. "Who is it?" you ask. "It's Mark," the voice says. "Can I come in? I have to talk to you."
  9. Unlocking the door, there stands Mark. False alarm. "Hey, you mind if I ask you a huge favor?" He asks. "Sure, Shoot," you say. "Well, as you know the fight goes down in two days. I'm gonna need all the help I can get. How would you feel about leading a small group of our team into the fight?" He asks. "What, you mean like a promotion or somethin'?" You say. "In a way, yeah. So how bout it, (Your name)?"
  10. This quiz is to be continued :P. Guess what? Halfway done with the series! Only five more in Season two :P.

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