Death's Door Part Two

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Welcome to Part two of Death's Door! The last time we left off, the mysterious Jack saved you from a possible death, along with your friend John.

John Tells the two of you to follow him, and takes you to their leader, Mark. What does Mark what with you? Is he a friend? An enemy? Find out here :P.

Created by: James Bond
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  1. Jack leads you and John to a Black, Tinted convertible. He seems old enough to drive, maybe around fifteen. The three of you pile into the car. "Where are we going?" John asks. Unlike the other crowd you ran into, Jack answers. "Somewhere safe," He says softly. Your mind is exploding with a million questions, but what is the first one that you ask Jack?
  2. Jack answers your first question with "My name is Jack. Don't worry, I'm not like any of those freaks that took you." You don't know what it is, but for some reason, you believe him. After a short drive, Jack makes a left turn down a forest path. You and John glance at each other with a reluctant look. Deep in the forest, John comes to a stop right outside of what looks like an old townhouse building: Three floors, two windows on each, a brick surface, it looks calming. Jack tells you and John to follow him inside. What do you do?
  3. Going inside, the abandoned townhouse looks comfortable, a roaring fireplace, a quiet television showing a rerun of "Friends", and a small kitchen with two others sitting at the counter, a boy and a girl. "I got 'em," Jack calls as he comes through the front door. The boy stands, and comes toward you. He stretches out his hand. "My name's Mark. I can help you..." he says. Like Jack, he doesn't seem as cruel as the others that you woke up to. What do you do?
  4. "You told him yet?" Mark asks Jack. "No, I figured you would wanna do that," Jack says. "Tell me what?" You ask, eager to know. Mark answers you with "(Your Name), have you ever heard of a mutant?" You're confused by the question. "What, you mean one of those X-Men Deals?" You ask. "In a way, yeah. What if I told you Mutants exist in the real world?" He asks. "Where are you going with this?" John asks, just as confused as you. Mark smiles, humoring the two of you. "Come with me," he says, and begins to go up the steps of the townhouse. You and John follow, interested in what Mark is saying. Mark takes the two of you into a padded room, a lot like the one you woke up in, but this one seems much less gloomy. A small toolbox looking case sits at the back of the room. Mark digs out a large, metal baseball bat. "Think fast," he says, and hurls the bat at you. "AH!" You shout, covering your face to avoid a hit. You expect the bat to nail right into you, but strangely, you feel nothing. You open your eyes, and see the bat silently hovering right in front of your eyes.
  5. "How did you do that?!" You shout, shocked and amazed. Mark laughs. "Oh, I didn't, (Your Name)... You did. You see, (Your Name), mutant powers are very diverse. Yours apparently is the power of telekinesis. Pretty sweet, huh?" He laughs again. John stands in the corner, unable to move or speak. You still are processing your newly discovered power. "Alright John, you next!" Mark says brightly. John excitedly bounds over, waiting to see what strange power he has. "We're gonna need to go outside for yours," Mark says. Eager, You and John follow him outside. What are you expecting?
  6. When you are outside, you notice Mark has a small disk. He holds it in front of John. "You see this?" He asks John. John nods, brimming with excitement. "Good. Catch it," Mark simply says, and tosses the disk high into the air. Before you can think, John suddenly lifts off into the air. "HOLD ON, ARE THOSE WINGS?!?!" You shout. John looks terrified at first, then realizes his power. He races after the disk, snatches it out of the air, and touches back down to the ground. Mark seems very amused by how shocked the two of you seem with your powers. "Good!Good!" Mark says, applauding. At this point, Jack and the girl have come outside to watch. Thoughts?
  7. Mark notices Jack and the girl, and turns to them. "Oh, I have to introduce you to the rest of the crew," He says. "Well of course you know Jack already. For future reference, you'll know that Jacks power is one of the most interesting I've seen in mutants so far. Jack has the power to create electricity, which is how he actually saved the two of you earlier." You are Somewhat impressed at Jack's power. "The girl is Emily. You'll get to know her better. Emily's power is also a big help in a fight- she has the power to heal. Now if you-" "Wait, wait, whoa... battles?" John asks, interrupting Mark. "Oh, yeah, we'll get more into that later on," Mark says, not offended at all by the interruption. So what are your thoughts on the group so far?
  8. "Hold on, what's your power then?" You ask Mark. Mark laughs again. "Well, I'll show you," he simply says. You and John watch as Mark strolls over to one of the largest trees in the forest. All he does is one swift punch. Suddenly, the tree topples to the ground with a mighty boom. Super Strength, obviously. You are very impressed, same goes for John. "So now that we have Electricity, Healing, Telekinesis, Flying, and Strength, I'd say we'd have a pretty good team formed," Mark says, smiling. "Now comes the matter of the enemies you were captured by..." This quiz is to be continued.
  9. So far, the leading number of votes for how many I should make is the number Ten... So unless people vote another number, I will be making ten of these.
  10. Thank you again for your support :P

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