The Wolf Next Door

In The Wolf Next Door, readers finally get to find out what happened all those years ago between Lord William Westfield and Prisca Hawthorne - and whether or not they have a future.

Did you enjoy The Wolf Next Door? Are you ready to test your knowledge on William, Prisca, the Westfield brothers, the Hawthorne brothers and lone Lycan the Earl of Brimsworth?

Created by: lydiadare of LydiaDare
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  1. Why does Will visit Prisca in Wolf form?
  2. Which one of Prisca's brothers decides to invite the Earl of Brimsworth to Langley Downs?
  3. After the game of Blindman's Bluff, who did Will end up paired with for the scavenger hunt?
  4. In the remote Westfield cottage, what does Will give Prisca to keep her warm?
  5. After being abducted by the Earl of Brimsworth, what does Will come to realize about his rival?
  6. Why is Prisca angry when Will returns the Westfield Hall, shackled to a headboard?
  7. Who is finally able to break Will free of his shackles?
  8. Who tells Prisca that Will is a Lycan?
  9. Before her wedding, what book is Prisca reading when she locks herself in her room?
  10. What color does Prisca wear to her wedding?
  11. At the Yule Ball, Will tries to mend the bridge between Prisca and her family. What happens at the ball?

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