How well do you know the queen? (Mitch Grassi)

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(None of this has to do with the quiz. It was being stupid and said I had "gibberish" in my description so I had to just paste something.)But then the next day the peeper is back again. And the next day. Finally you decide to confront the peeper and knock on the door. But when the door opens, you are shocked to find...

You start training to run a half-marathon. Things are going well and you've developed a route that you like to run. One day you notice someone peeking out the window of one of the houses you pass, though you think nothing of it.

Created by: gracie
  1. Okay, lets start off pretty easy. What band is Mitchie part of?
  2. What is Mitchie's sexuality?
  3. What part does Mitch sing in the band?
  4. What celebrity is he completely obsessed with?
  5. What year did he come out as ___sexual?
  6. When is his Birthday?
  7. What is his cat's name?
  8. Is his cat a boy or girl?
  9. What kind of cat is it?
  10. What color is the cat?
  11. Who does Mitch live with?
  12. What youtube channel is he part of?
  13. What is one of his favorite colors?
  14. What color did he dye his hair in 2016?
  15. What did Mitch say he looked like when he dyed his hair in one of his YouTube videos?
  16. Which one of these people did they collab with in one of their YouTube videos?
  17. What state did he grow up in?
  18. How old is he as of March 2016?
  19. What is his Dad's name?
  20. What is his Mom's name?
  21. What singing talent is most known for?
  22. What color are his eyes?
  23. Which side of his head is shaved?
  24. How do most people describe his fashion sense?
  25. Has his band ever won Grammys?
  26. What is allergic to?
  27. What is name of his home town?
  28. What is his full name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the queen? (Mitch Grassi)