Which member of Pentatonix are you most like?

If you love Pentatonix then you've probably wondered which member you're most like? I couldn't find any quizzes like this anywhere so I finally made one myself.

I think this is pretty accurate as I have met Pentatonix and seen them perform live! I also got information from interviews and watching Superfruit (Scott and Mitch's Youtube channel). There's also some random facts about the individual members at the end! Enjoy!

Created by: mitch's eyebrows
  1. What part do you sing or would like to sing in an acapella band?
  2. Which best describes your sense of humour?
  3. What are you like socially?
  4. How talented are you?
  5. What instruments do you play?
  6. What is your hair like?
  7. What do you wear?
  8. Accessories?
  9. How smiley are you?
  10. How serious are you?

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Quiz topic: Which member of Pentatonix am I most like?