which member of What The Dickens? are you?

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Ever wanted to know what member of the smash hit band (straight from the wilds of north wales) 'What The Dickens?' you're most like? Well here's your chance!

This test has been carefully designed by scientists (well, one procrastinating student) to discover your inner dickens! So grab a cuppa, sit back and think carefully! WTDx

Created by: Ashley Hall

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Do You Choose?
  2. You could be described as:
  3. Are you a musician?
  4. Choose one:
  5. How fast can you down a pint?
  6. What part do you sing?
  7. what is your opinion on fifa?
  8. How organized are you?
  9. Do you write a lot of songs?
  10. How much do you read?
  11. you are a:

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Quiz topic: Which member of What The Dickens? am I?