How Baha'i Are You?

Ever wondered how Baha'i you are? Well, at last, some thoughtful Dickens has come up with a short quiz so you can find out! :D

The Baha'i Faith is a relatively new and unknown religion. Reckon you can score a 100%? Test your skill, I dare you!

Created by: george
  1. Science is:
  2. One world government would be:
  3. The best thing to do with your life is:
  4. Heaven and hell are:
  5. The Bible is:
  6. Other religions are:
  7. An important difference between the Baha'i Faith and other religions is:
  8. The most important thing to a Baha'i is:
  9. The world would be better off if:
  10. Men are:
  11. World peace is:
  12. Money is:
  13. You wear:
  14. Music is:

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Quiz topic: How Baha'i am I?