Swan Queen Season 1

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Do you love Swan Queen well prove how much you know with this season 1 Swan Queen Quiz. How will you do? Take this quiz and find out. This quiz about the biggest fandom in OUAT.

How much do you know about Swan Queen? What do Regina and Emma have to do with each other? Take this quiz and find out. what could be more fun then a quiz about your fave ship.

Created by: SwanQueenMinion
  1. Who was it that Emma was always meant to come to Storybrooke to meet?
  2. Who's child did the Mayor of Storybrooke adopt?
  3. Upon meeting Regina Mills what was the first thing Emma says to her?
  4. What was the drink Regina invited Emma in to have a glass of?
  5. What was sitting on the coffee table in the study where Regina and Emma were having a glass of "The best apple cider you ever tasted."?
  6. When Regina visits Emma at her room at Granny's to bring her a basket of apples. What was Emma wearing?
  7. In a fit of rage and sexual tension what prized possession of Regina did Emma damage?
  8. During the mine scene wha did everyone including Graham think Regina and Emma we're going to do?
  9. What did Emma save Regina from in an effort to get to first base?
  10. What did Regina want the Savior to taste?

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