A Certain Wolfish Charm

The moon isn't full, is it? Beware grumpy Lycans! A CERTAIN WOLFISH CHARM features Simon Westfield, the wolfish Duke of Blackmoor, and the woman who might just be his match - Lily Rutledge.

Did you read A Certain Wolfish Charm? Or maybe Lycans: Legend and Lore? If so, test your knowledge on all things Simon, Lily, Oliver, Will, Prisca, Alice and the rest.

Created by: lydiadare of LydiaDare
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  1. What is the name of the society rag that keeps Lily appraised of the Duke of Blackmoor's exploits?
  2. Lily is Oliver's aunt, but Simon is his legal guardian. How are Oliver and Simon related?
  3. Why does Simon want Lily to leave Oliver in his care?
  4. Simon saves Lily from some dangerous men inside a coaching inn's taproom. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to revel in her gratitude as an unwanted tagalong showed up to take Lily in his arms. Who was the interloper?
  5. Lily makes fast friends with Simon's neighbor, Prisca Hawthorne; and one of Prisca's brothers takes an interest in Lily. Which one?
  6. Why does Simon's mother, Alice, arrive at Westfield Hall?
  7. William departs for Scotland after Simon and Lily's nuptials. Why does he leave?
  8. Simon takes Lily to Drury Lane. They watch Edmund Kean in which Shakespearean play?
  9. After Simon and Lily's wedding, Oliver runs away. Where does he go?
  10. To keep Lily safe during the full moon, Simon removes Oliver from the manor house. Where does he take Oliver?

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