Tall Dark and Wolfish

Tall, Dark and Wolfish is the story of broken werewolf Lord Benjamin Westfield who travels north to Scotland in hopes that a mystical witch with healing powers will be able to restore his inner wolf. He encounters an entire coven and he'll never be the same again.

Have you read Tall, Dark and Wolfish? If so - are you prepared to test your knowledge about Benjamin, Elspeth, and all things Cí²ig related? What are you waiting for?

Created by: lydiadare of LydiaDare
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  1. What does Ben tell his brother Will is the reason he is traveling to Edinburgh?
  2. At the beginning of Tall Dark and Wolfish, the witches of the Cí²ig are circled around their seer. Where are they meeting?
  3. Elspeth Campbell wears the mark of the beast. Where is her mark?
  4. Upon their first meeting, Benjamin overhears Elspeth say what about him?
  5. After Elspeth's grandfather dies, where does the coven want her to stay?
  6. Once Elspeth sets her mind to finding a way to restore Ben's inner wolf, she makes certain everything eats and drinks contains what moon-controlled berry?
  7. Only one of Elspeth's sister witches attends her wedding. Which one was it?
  8. Ben is surprised when his brother Will arrives in Edinburgh unannounced. Why did Will follow him to Scotland?
  9. How does Will realize that Ben is a broken Lycan?
  10. Why does Ben forbid Elspeth from healing him?

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