Lucky or Unlucky Part 2

If you have not read the first one go back to [no urls] .The guys-Carter-tall, brown short curly hair, hazel eyes, plays soccer, and tall. Garrett-short, medium length brown hair, brown eyes, plays baseball, and the class clown. Cody- tall, popular, plays football (captain), baseball, and basketball (captain), dirty blond hair, dark blue eyes. Austin- brown/red hair with honey blond highlights, medium height, friends with everyone, and plays baseball.

When you see _____ it means to insert your name there. When you see (____) it means to insert your love's name. Sorry it took me so long to get this out.

Created by: xXluckyXx
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  1. "They are the most powerful beings of our kind," Cody explains,"They really don't have a name for themselves so we named them 'The Things'." "Oh,"you say. All of a sudden Austin dissapers. You scream out,"Austin wait." You look at Cody and he says,"Hurry up they have him lets get down stairs before we make them mad." Cody grabs your hand and you both run down the stairs.
  2. When you get to the bottom of the stairs you look towards the front door and each one of 'The Things' is holding one of the guys and surprisingly one of them is holding Cody. You look to your side and obviosly he is gone. The one in the middle holding Carter speaks up and says,"You must be _____, welcome my name is Bradly I hope these boys have been doing a good job of taking care of you." "Y yes they have they have been very kind,"you studder.You don't know why they call them 'The Things' they are so beautiful almost hard to look at. You start to think back when you and Austin were making out on the bed."I like your name for us, thank you for the complement _____, and I can see Austin has been very friendly." Austin blushes a bright red.
  3. (Assuming you picked the last one) Bradly says,"I can read minds, let them go,"he commands. When they are released you can see one of them to the right of Bradly staring and you like his is consentrating on something. You wonder what he is doing you are a little flattered.Of course Bradly reads your mind and says,"My friend here Alex has the power to crimple people he is trying to do it to you but it is obviosly not working.""Can I try it on the others,"asks Alex. But before Bradly can say anything Garrett, Carter, Austin, and Cody are crimpled on the ground. You scream out,"(_______)"
  4. You help them all up and scream out,"That is the worst power I have ever seen." "Not when you are in a fight, which will be very soon," says Bradly. "What do you mean?" asks Carter. "I mean there will be a fight soon and all of you need to teach _____ your powers soon," Bradly explains."But that will take so long," Garrett complains. "Shut up you doof,"Cody screams quietly and then hits Garrett on the arm. "How soon is soon," asks Carter. "'The Army' will be here within a month, two months the most," explains Bradly. "We need to go now," explains Alex. "Okay,"Bradly says.Then they all dissapear.
  5. You look in amasment when Cody grabs your hand and says on the way up to his room,"By the time I'm finished with you, you will be able to do that." When you walk into his room he locks the door behind you. You both sit down cross legged on his king sized bed. "My power is the easiest, all you have to do is picture it in your head, but some people like me have to feel a certain emotion, I have to feel angry," says Cody. You think about the lovesofa you were sitting on earlier.You open your eyes but you are still sitting in Cody's room but closer to him. You try to be happy, sad, angry, and excited, but know of them work."I wonder... I want you to close your eyes picture the place and relax,"Cody suggests. You close your eyes like he said you feel his lips against your throat moving up across your jaw and onto your lips. You both are really getting into this with his hands up your shirt and your's on his strong flat abs when you hear a gasp. You stop and open your to see Carter sitting on the sofa next to you.
  6. "Ummmm," you say bewildered. You get out from under Cody when he says to Carter,"_____ has to be thoughtless to teleport." "____ can you meet me on the back deck when your finished with Cody,"Carter asks."Um sure are we going to have dinner soon because I'm hungry,"you complain. "That will happen when you use your powers,"Cody explains,"Now let's get back to what we started." Cody starts to stand up when you say,"Hold on I want to try it again." You lean in to kiss Cody the next thing you know you are both in his room. When you finally break apart you tell him that you will be in trouble with your mom and you need to leave.Then he tells you that you are staying with them and your mom said it was okay. So you ask him,"Where is my room?" He says," It's right inbetween mine and Austin's." Well what about my clothes,"you ask. "Your mom brought all of your clothes over and for some wierd reason $1,000,"he says. "Are you serious," you ask amased. YOu hurry into your room. What does it look like.
  7. When you get in your room you lay down on your bed, when you look up you see Carter standing in your doorway with an orange A&F shirt and dark wash jeans. He sees you staring and asks you,"Are you ready yet?" You look at yourself and you are wearing a stained pink shirt with light wash capris. You say,"Not yet give me 10 min." "Okay,"he says. You get up and close the door once he has left you walk to your closet what do you pick?
  8. When you are finally ready you walk down the staircase all of the guys are there and you hear a bunch of gasps and ohhhs and ahhhs.When you reach the bottom Carter bows and goes to take your hand and says,"Shall we me lady?" "Yes we shall," you reply back. "Hey that's not fair who said you could go on a date with her first,"complains Austin. "Yeah that's not fair," Cody complains. Garrett tries to come from behind you to grab you but Carter pulls you in front of him close to his chest so quickly it gives you a headache. You say,"Ow, I think I know your power, to give people massive headaches." "Sorry that never happened to anyone else before," Carter says. He runs to get an asprin. When he leaves all the guys come rushing up to you and asks when they can go on a date with you. You reply,"When you train me then I will. For Cody and austin it will be when Carter trains me. Does that sound okay?" "Fine,"they all reply.
  9. Carter comes back with the asprin and you both walk outside with you holding onto Carter's arm. You relize that this is house on the shore. You walk down to the beach where there is a bon fire. You both sit down on the logs that have been placed there. In front of you is a table with salad, steak, and sparkling cider. (You are too young to drink a couple more years.) "Remember when you said that my power is to give people headaches,"he laughs quietly and you nod he continues,"Well actually my power is speed I can run so fast not even if you film me running and you slow it down all the way you still can't see me." "Seriously? How long have you know about your power?" you ask. "The first time I saw you,"he replies. "What about the guys,"you ask. "Same with them the first time they saw you. You are special _____. You are what we call 'The One'."
  10. Who are you falling for so far?

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