Magic love part 3

Short description, your turning 17, have dirty blond hair, and grey eyes with a touch of gold. Matt:brown flippy hair, gray eyes. Jake: Short black hair, gray eyes. Jordan: black flippy hair, dark brown eyes. Zach: Short spiky blond hair, blue eyes.

Mmmhmm.. Its finally here :D part 3! I think i'll probably be making part 4 tomorrow... Finishing Sunday? Probably. Anyway, have fun taking my quizzes. :3

Created by: Birdsong

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  1. Recap: You and Jake where in the garden, when you hear a twig snap.
  2. You both whip around to see a squirrel. You see Jake blush for being scared of a squirrel but then... A big, scaly, arm, reached out and dragged the squirrel into the bushes. D: Anyway, you scream, and turn yourself into a tiger. You slowly walk over to the bush, and leap onto whatever took the squirrel. It was some kind of a lizard man, but with a lizard head! You both started fighting, scratching biting kicking, whatever you could do to inflict wounds. "_______! Turn into an elephant! You have to crush it!" you heard Jake yell. So you shift into an elephant, and crush the lizard thing. You turned back into a human, running to Jake and wrapping your arms around him. He wraps his arms around your waist, and kisses your forehead. "What was that thing?!" you ask. "Probably one of Keiths soldiers." he says, looking at the bush. "I didn't know I could change so fast!" you exclaim. Then you look at him curiously. "What were you going to tell me before the lizard thing showed up?" He takes a deep breath and says...
  3. "Look _______, when we first met I didn't think that we could be friends, that you were nosy and stuff. But when I first saw you I thought you were the most beautiful girl on earth and, I really like you." You lean in and kiss him, and he kisses you back.
  4. You both kiss for a couple minutes, than hold hands as you both walk back to your rooms. Early in the morning (for meh its 6) someone wakes you up by dumping a bucket of confetti on your face. You hear a bunch of laughing and remember that it's your birthday. You shake your hair to get the confetti out, and smell food cooking, so you take a shower and wear...
  5. You put on whatever and go downstairs into the kitchen to see the boys making (favorite breakfast) and a special coffee. (coffee with cinnamon, and honey with whipped cream and chocolate, it makes me hyper. :3) you all sit down in the living room, with most of your coffee left. "So _______, what do you want to do today? One of us can take you to someplace, and the rest are going to do something secret here." Matt says with a sly grin. You smile back and say, (this means the boy) -------- can you take me somewhere? He nods, happy to be chosen. You all finish drinking your coffee, and you and -------- walk out to his car. "So where would you like to go _______?" You think for a bit, and say....
  6. You and ------ hop in his car and go to wherever, and somehow you find a picture booth, so you go inside. The first picture was just of you both smiling next to each other. The next was of your arms around each other and your faces close together. The second to last one was of you both laughing hysterically, and the last one was of you both kissing. :3 ------- took the pictures and put them in his wallet, then looked at his watch. "We still have about an hour and a half left, want to grab some lunch?" he asked. "Sure." you say, grabbing his hand. You and -------- choose a cafe and order sandwiches. After lunch you both get into his car and drive back to the house. -------- puts a blindfold on you and leads you into the house. You feel a bunch of people bear hug tackle you onto the couch, and shouts of, "Happy birthday!" you start laughing and take off the blindfold. You gasp to see that they totally redecorated the room. It has streamers, and balloons,(lots of balloons :3) and this huge birthday cake in the kitchen."You really did this for me?" you ask. "Yup." says Andrew and Zach at the same time. They look at each other in a weird way. Matt gives them a glare that says to cut it out. Then he turned and smiled at you. "So _______ how was your day so far?"
  7. "Good." you say smiling. "Well who wants cake?" you say, already walking to the kitchen. The guys follow you, and light the candles on the cake. (it's marble cake with chocolate or vanilla icing, and roses on the edge. It also has the words, happy birthday ______! And a big 17 at the bottom. After the guys sing happy birthday, you blow out the candles and make a wish. (your wish was to get a kiss from --------) You all eat the cake, and Matt tells you that after dinner that's in 2 hours, you'll get your presents. To pass the time, you go up to your room and read a book called (your favorite book). You were just getting to a romantic part when you hear a knock on your door. You get up and open it, and you see -------- standing there. "Hey _______, mind if I come in?" he asks. "Sure." you say, walking back to your bed. ------- closes the door and follows you. He looks at you and says, "I wanted to give you this early." he hands you a small box. You open it, and find a piece of paper. You toss the box onto your bed and start reading the paper. It says three words. I love you. You look up at ------- and he's smiling warmly at you. You feel his arms slip around your waist, and your lips touch as you fall (or get pushed, who knows XD) onto your bed.
  8. You both kiss each other passionately for about 7 minutes (pausing to breath of course! :O) until you hear someone knocking on your door. You get up and open the door, but see no one there. You turn back to --------. "No ones there..." you tell him. He looks confused, and looks outside the door again. "Maybe it was just one of the other guys pulling a prank." you say, shaking your head. You both walk downstairs and see the rest of the guys making (your favorite dinner). They look at you curiously and say no.
  9. Dinners finally done and you all go outside. It was really good, and you had icecream for dessert. After that, the guys went and got their presents for you. Matt handed you his first, it was two smallish boxes with pink heart wrapping paper. You open the first one, and find that there's a pair of small heart earrings, the color of your eyes. You smile at him and he smiles back. You open the next box and see a necklace with the same colored heart. You get up and hug Matt.
  10. Zach was next. He had a mediumish sized box with silver wrapping paper. You open it and see a pair of bearclaw boots(meh, I luv those things... There also in your favorite color.) you get up and hug Zach. He squeezes back a bit tighter than normal. :3
  11. Than it was Jordan. His was also a medium size, but with sparkly white wrapping. You open it and find an iHome for your iPod and it has ______! On the top. You hug him. So much hugs. :D
  12. And finally, Jakes present. He holds out his hand and says, "It's something that I show you." you take his hand and ask, "Is it the garden?" he shakes his head. You go through a bunch of trees until you finally come to a beautiful beach! The suns setting, and the water looks like lemonade. :3 you both sit downin the sand together, and you lean your head on his shoulder. He turns your head to look at him, and kisses you. "Happy birthday _______." he whispers.
  13. After your party you feel exhausted, so you hug everyone goodnight, and go to your room. You glance at you clock, 10:00. You fall asleep and dream about -------. But just then you awake to a knocking coming from your door....
  14. Who do you love?

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