Magic love part 2

Welcome to part 2 of magic love! What will happen this time? Sorry it took kinda long for me to get this out but, youknow, I got a social life... :3.

Here's some descriptions. Your 17, have dirty blond hair, and gray eyes. (your also very pretty.) Matt has brown flippy hair and gray eyes, Jake has short black hair and gray eyes, Jordan has flippy black hair and brown eyes, and Zach has short blond hair and blue eyes.

Created by: Birdsong234

  1. Recap: you went down into the kitchen and you screamed as you saw...
  2. That monster thing that attacked Jake! It reached out its bony hand to grab you but, Andrew jumped in front of you! He had some sort of a gun in his hands and was shooting it at the monster. "What are you shooting it with?" you ask. "Fire balls, it's an ent." You start backing up but you bump into something. You feel the cold... hard....breath.... And suddenly everything goes black.
  3. You wake up in your bed, and see Jake sitting in a chair next to your bed. He smiles at you. "So your finally up?" he says. You smile back but then remember about Jordan. "Where's Jordan, is he okay?!" you say trying to get up. Jake pushes you back down and says, "Don't worry, Matt's healing him." He'll come and heal you next, you got a pretty deep cut in your leg." You throw back the covers and look at your leg, and your horrified to see that your leg was swollen and purple with a huge gash down the middle. "Why don't I feel any pain?" you ask. "Matt put a small spell on it to keep it from hurting." he said. "So how long have I been out?" you ask. "About three hours." he says back. You both sit there in silence until Jake gets up and hugs you. Then your alone. You fall back asleep for another hour and awake to someone tapping your shoulder. It was Matt. "It's time for your leg to feel better." he says with a small smile. His hands start glowing and you feel a tingling sensation in your leg. Then it starts getting warm. You watch in amazement as the gash slowly dissapears and your leg is back to normal.
  4. "So do you want to see Jordan?" "He kinda wants to see you." You nod. He takes your hand and leads you to the living room. You see Jordan laying on the couch with his arm in a sling and bruises on his face and leg. You kneel down beside him and say his name. He wakes up and smiles at you. "You okay?" you ask, brushing the hair out of his eyes. "Yeah, there were two ents, so I had to call for the guys. "Looks like they didn't get there in time." he says. "Why were they here?" you ask. "That's what we're protecting you from." he says. "Ents?" He nods. "What do they want with me?" you ask. "It's not the ents, it's who's controlling them." "His name is Keith, and the ent you saw in the bathroom that night, and reported back to him." He's sworn to kill anyone who doesn't have there powers yet, that has seen magical things."
  5. "Speaking of, when DO I get my powers?" you ask. "Well, Zach could test you out right now if your feeling up to it." he says. You nod. He tells you that Zach is in his room, next to yours. When you get up the stairs, his door is closed, so you knock. He opens his door and you see he's in some sweatpants and a shmexi white t-shirt that shows off his muscles. "Um, Jordan told me that you could tet me for my powers.." you say. He nods and invites you in. His room has blue walls and a black carpet, with his bed, a tv, a computer, and a closet. He beckons you over to the computer. It has a bunch of other mini things around it, and you see that hes holding a needle. He scratches his head and says, "This might sting a little." You hold out your arm and he puts some stuff on it, then slides the needle into a vein. "I like your hair that way." he says, not looking at you. "Thanks." you say back, trying to make eye contact but he just looks at the floor. You both stand in silence for a minute until his computer makes a beep. He takes the needle out and puts a red bandaid on the prick. You smile at him an you see him smile as he turns back to his computer. You hear him gasp, then call the guys.
  6. They all rush in, looking confused. Zach looks at the computer and says, "_______ has all of the elements and, shapeshifting." the guys mouths were all perfect os. "What's so good about shapeshifting?" you ask. "Well, it means you can shift into any animal, ever!" Jake says.
  7. "Wow." that was all you could say. "So when do we start training?" "we could start right now if you want to." Jake says. You nod. "Well, I know the most about shapeshifting, so you can start with me." Jake says, holding out his hand. "Where are we going?" you ask. "You'll see." is all he says. He leads you outside, and into a beautiful garden. "Okay you stay there, and I'll go over there." he points to a spot beyond the stream. "I want you to get over the stream without touching the water." he says. "How do I shapeshift?" you ask. "Concentrate on the animal you want to become, nothing else." he says back. You nod. You concentrate on....
  8. You feel (whatever skin your animal has) coming out of your arms, then legs. You feel weird and then you realize, you have wings. Then you try flapping them, and feel yourself flying! You easily glide over the river and land on Jakes shoulder, (unless you chose dragon) and he laughed. You stare at him until he realizes he forgot to tell you how to turn back. "You concentrate on turning back into yourself, kinda like changing into an animal." he says. You concentrate and feel a slight sting, as your skin turns back to normal. "If you want you can turn into any animal and free roam if you like." You grin at him and turn into a dragon. You rise into the air, grabbing him along the way. He laughs and crawls up onto your back. You fly even higher, and get a beautiful view of the country you now live on. You fly towards a lake and plummet down. Jake clings to your horns, and you land. You turn back into a human, and you both run towards the water, and Jake tackle hugs you into it. You laugh and splash him, but before he splashes you back, you turn into a dolphin and dive into the water. You swim up behind Jake, and turn to your human form. You creep up behind him, and dunk his head underwater. You two splash around a bit more, then you get out. You both lay down next to each other to dry off. "You did really well today, for your first time in training." he says. You turn your head to look at him. "I had a good teacher." you say. He turns his head. You both stare at each other for a minute, then he pulls you closer. He then leans in and kisses you. His lips are soft and you both kiss for about 3 minutes, then you pull away. "We should probably get back to the house.." you say reluctantly. He smiles at you. You turn back into a dragon and you fly back to the house, Jake holding onto your horns.
  9. When you get back to the house, the guys surprise you with a BBQ. You suddenly remember something. "Hey guys, what's the date?" you ask. "June 28th." Matt says. "Why?" "Well, it's my birthday tomorrow." you say." "Geez, kinda short noticed." Matt said. You laugh and go up to your room to sleep, but it was only 8:00 so you play your iPod until you get bored. You decide to go see what Jake was up to. (his room is closest to yours) You peek your head into his room, and he was on his bed, listening to his radio. You grin slyly and turn into a cat, leaping up onto his chest. He looks at you, confused at how a cat got in the house, but then he saw your eyes. He laughed and you leap off the bed, changing in mid air.
  10. "What's up?" Jake asked. "I just don't have anything to do." you say. "Well, do you want to go for a walk?" he asks "Sure." you say back. You both walk out to the garden you trained in earlier today. "You sure do like your new power, don't you?" You smile at him. "Thanks for training me today." you say. He starts to say something but just then you hear a twig snap near the bushes...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry.. Stay tuned for part 3!
  12. Who have you fallen for?

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