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Thanks for takeing part 27 of Magic and Boys! Thank you all for being so patient and waiting for these to come out. I know i can take forever and all....but....

Schools starting soon which is such a drag and stuff...but I hope you enjoy this quiz and comment and rate..and feel free to share what you think might happen next..and I'm thinking about adding more characters so if you have any names you want to give me go ahead and tell me! Thanks! :)

Created by: fireprincess1996

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  1. You hear someone yelling for you to wake up. You open your eyes and look up. You see a gaurd holding a tray of food. You sigh and sit up. He kneels down and slids the tray in this little food slot thing. You take the tray. You look down at your food. It doesn't look very good. The gaurd walks away. You began eating. It wasn't accually bad. It kinda tasted like chicken.
  2. You get done eating. About an hour later another gaurd comes and takes your tray. You try occupying yourself by drawling in the dirt again. You draw a heart,than a star,than you draw stick figures holding hands. You write your name than [_____]'s name above them. You blush a little than you ruin it by covering it up with more dirt.
  3. You started hearing yelling and saw a girl walk in. You notice three gaurds are surrounding her. Two of them were holding her hands behind her back. She looks at you as they put her in the cell by yours. Than you got an idea of how you could get out of here. You close your eyes and concentrate on the mansion. You were teleporting. You open your eyes and look around. You were still in the cell. You sigh. "Your powers wont work in here." Said one of the gaurds looking at you. You glare at him.
  4. The gaurds walk away. You look over at the girl from time to time. You think she looks familiar but you can't think of who she is and where you've seen her. You sigh. You knew you weren't going to get out of this place anytime soon. You see a gaurd walk in and over to your cell. He opens it. "Follow me." He says. You do as your told and stand up and you follow him.
  5. The gaurd walks down a tunnel and into a room that looks like a gym but its alot bigger and it has way more equitment. You see Janise and Jasmine talking. You look around more. You look back in front of you and see Janise walking towards you. "Are you ready to show us your powers?" She asks in a sweet voice. "No." You say. She laughs. "I don't care. Your going to have to show us." She says. You don't say anything. The gaurd walks away. Janise follows him. "This is like training. Its to show you how much you know about fighting." She says. Her voice was echoing off of the walls. She whispers something in the guards ear than he nods and hits a button. All of a sudden theres millions of things getting thrown at you. You dodge a couple things. Janise watches you with interest. Than theres things flying at you from every direction. You panic and start using your air power.
  6. Janise smiles a bit and whispers in the gaurds ear again. He hits the same button and everything stops. You sigh in relief than glare at Janise. "Not fair!" You say. "Oh but it is." She says. "Well now lets work on your self defense skills." She says. You groan. "Stop whineing. You havn't even done alot!" Jasmine says. You forgot she was in the room. You turn towards her. She walks up to you. Janise snaps her finger and a sword appears in Jasmines hands. She hands the sword to you. "Good luck." She says and walks away. Two vampires walked out. They didn't have any weapons.
  7. You bit your lip as they walked towards you. You didn't know what to do. You grip your sword tighter as they get closer. "Now!" Janise yells. With lightning speed one of them moves behind you and puts his arm around your neck. You move your leg behind his and trip the both of you. You fall to the ground but the sword stays in your hand. You quickly stand up and see that the vampire has already stood up. You look at him and wait for him to make the first strike. He doesn't move. He's clearing waiting for you to make the first strike.
  8. You both end up circleing each other for five minutes. "Oh just make the first move someone!" Jasmine yells. You look at her than back at the vampire. He jumps at you. You scream a bit and move out of the way but not fast enough. He jumps on top of you and once again you both fall to the ground hard. You try to push him off of you with all your might. You look over beside you and see your sword. You reach your hand out to get it,But you can't reach it. The vampire puts his mouth right by your neck.
  9. You try to stretch your arm more towards the sword. You can feel the vampire's fangs on your neck now. You let out a tiny gasp. "Stop!" Janise yells and the vampire gets off of you and stands up. You grab your sword and stand up. "Thats enough for today." Janise says and starts walking towards you. "You need to improve." She says and takes the sword right out of your hand. You couldn't do or say anything. You thought the vampire was gonna suck all your blood out. You finally sigh in relief. "Take her back to her cell." Janise says and a gaurd grabs your arm and begins walking in front of you,half draging you along.
  10. He opens your cell door and you walk in. The girl looks at you again. You sit down and look back at her. She looks away quickly. You bit your lip and yawn. You were tired again. But you didn't want to sleep. "Hi,I'm Sita." The girl says. You look back at her in suprise and see that shes looking at her. "I'm _______." You say. She nods. "I know." She says. You frown. "How?" You ask. She doesn't answer. "I was...a friend." Is all she says. "Oh." You say. You sigh and pick up dirt in your hands and let it fall between your fingers and back onto the ground. It was actually pretty entertaining.
  11. But you were still tired. You didn't want to lay in the dirt again but you had to. You lay down and drift off to sleep. You had no dream but you felt like you couldn't wake up. You could feel your fists clench but you couldn't see anything. You were still asleep though.
  12. After a while you hear yelling. But the sound is muffled. Like your under water. You force your eyes to open. You rub your eyes and look up and see Jasmine and two other gaurds holding her back. "How could you?!" She yells. You were confused. "How could I what?" You ask. "He was your own cousin! And you killed him! You killed Josh!" Jasmine shouts. Your eyes widen.
  13. And thats it! Comment and rate and take part 27!

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