True Heart and Magic ~Part 8~

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I hope you like this one. I really have nothing else to say. Love all my Fans! Love GTQ for being created. Um that's it. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and FYI, I am not evil in real life like in this story. I am actually really kind, I just didn't want to hurt any feelings by using their name. Bye

Created by: StarMaya

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  1. You wake up and see your in your room. You just remember what happened and look at your hand. You don't see the thorn. All you see is a bandage around your hand. You look at the window and see the sun rising. You get up and feel rested and awake. You get dressed and brush your teeth and hair. You open your door and see the guys doors closed. You figure that their still sleeping so you tiptoe past the rooms. You get downstairs and make yourself breafast. As soon as your done, you go outside and put your hand in the water. You feel your hand gets warm and see that the water healed it. You look at it and thank the water.
  2. You put your feet in the water and hum to yourself. You hear footsteps coming down the stairs. You decide not to look that way because your really into your song.(Your not dancing, sorry) You hear the footsteps stop and run toward you. You feel yourself being picked up and carried inside. Your eyes flash open and see Cody carrying you toward the lab. You open your eyes and ask why we are going to the lab. He jumps and laughs. "Geez ______! I thought you were asleep. We have to do tests on you and make sure we got the poison out of you." You look at him and ask what poison. "You touch the death flower. It's filled with poison. So when you touched it, It basically killed you.
  3. You reach the lab and he starts doing the basic tests that your doctor does to you. As soon as he's done he smiles and says your normal again. "Well not really. I still have powers." He laughs and takes your hand. He walks you to the kitchen where the guys are awake. They smile and hug you. "Im sorry guys for being such a pain." The guys pull away and Jake says,"You are not a pain to us. You perfect just the way you are." You smile and hug them back. You eat breakfast and go to the pool. You look up to the sky and see the shining. You think you see an angel smiling at you so you smile back. (The angel is dangerouslove. Dangerouslove if your reading this, you will be back in my story.) You walk inside.
  4. You see the guys sitting on the couch watching MTV. They don't seem to hear you except Jake. You walk up the stairs to the training room. Jake follows you and sees you go into the training room. He smiles and follows you in. You look around the room and see dummies and weights and a fire proof room. You laugh at the room. You start to bend water into a wave that touches the ceiling. You relax and the wave falls to the floor. Splashing you and Jake. He laughs and he startles you. "Oh Jake, How long have you been standing there?" "The whole time." He says as he comes toward you. You blush. He look at the water all over the room and laughs. You laugh and apoligize. "Don't worry I'll clean it up." "First, you and me are going to train." You train for about 2 hours before you guys get too tired that you can't move anymore. You and Jake go downstairs to eat lunch where the guys are still watching MTV. The guys hear you and Jake and you guys go eat lunch together. The whole day is calm. The guys watch TV and you read books. You go to bed and fall asleep.
  5. You wake up early and watch the sunrise. You eat breakfast and hear someone walking down the stairs. Zack comes in and he looks tired. "Morning." You say. He doesn't respond. He looks toward your way and he looks sad. "Hey, What's wrong?" You say as you go up to him. "Nothing." Now he sounds pissed. "Something's up and your telling me, You can trust me with anything." You say. "It's nothing ______. Now leave me alone." "Zack, Just tell me." You say looking worried. "_______! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!" You get scared and back away. "Zack, Are you mad at someone?" The guys hear you guys arguing and rush in. "Hey what's going on?" Says Cody. "NOTHING!" Yells Zack. "Something's bothering Zack and he won't tell me." You say. The guys look at Zack and look in his eyes and sees...
  6. Sees that his eyes are normal color. "So, he's not possessed." Says Justin. There's a moment of silence until you say,"Zack something's wrong but we can't help you if you won't tell us." You touch his arm. He grabs your arm and he squeezes your arm. He has anger in his eyes and your pretty scared. "Zack your hurting me." You say as your face gets red. You try to escape but he's too strong. You fall to your knees and Jake runs to Zack and burns his arm. "SH@$!" He lets go and you fall down. Cody and Justin help you up and see a giant bruise mark on your arm. You get angry. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" You say as you stand up. "YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT MY PROBLEM IS?! OK MY PROBLEM IS YOU! I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!" Yells Zack as he walks out. You stay frozen.
  7. Jake goes after Zack, pissed. Justin and Cody look at you as a tear rolls down your cheek. "No NO ______ He didn't mean that." Says Justin. You look up at the guys and shake your head. Jake follows Zack who goes out to the pool. Zack sits by the pool. "What the Hell dude!" Says Jake as he pushes him in the pool. Zack comes back up and his mood changes. "What was that for man? And how did I get out here?" He says as he gets out. Jake is still pissed. "I can't believe you did that to _____!" Zack freezes and asks what he did. "You have no idea how bad you hurt her!" Says Jake staring straight at Zack. Zack looks at him confused. "What did I do? I was sleeping." Zack says. Jake freezes and remembers that he sleepwalks and forgot to tell the guys and you. Zack and Jake run in to see Cody and Justin trying to make you talk. Justin sees Zack and gets pissed. "You son of a B%$@*! You did this to her!" "Calm down Justin. I forgot to tell you something about Zack." You look up and see Zack. "Alright Zack, If I'm your problem, then I'll take care of myself." You say as you stand up and go for the door. Zack grabs your arm, exactly where he grabbed you last time. You freak out! "Let go of me!" Jake pulls him off and he sees the bruise on your arm. "Who did this to you!" Says Zack as he looks at it more. You look at him and get angry. "IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE! YOU NEVER LIKED ME DID YOU! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! IF THAT'S WHAT'S BOTHERING YOU THEN I'LL TAKE CARE OF IT. SO I JUST HAVE ONE FAVOR TO ASK. NEXT TIME SABRINA COMES TO KILL ME LET HER!" You say as you walk away. Zack look confused. "Why is she mad at me?" The guys look upset and explains the story. "No I wouldn't do that to her." He says as he runs out to see you go into the woods. It gets cloudy and starts to rain. Zack looks around and doesn't see you. He falls to his knees and cries a little. You walk through the woods as the rain pounds on you. You look around and see trees. You get upset. "OK SABRINA! ZACK WANTS ME DEAD SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST KILL ME NOW OR HAVE LIGHTNING GO THROUGH MY HEART AGAIN OR MAKE ANOTHER FLOWER GROW AND I'LL LET IT KILL ME! DO SOMETHING TO ME!" You say as you remember all your memories with Zack and the guys. You start to see the past as if you are actually in there. You see Zack sitting by a tree as you show up as an angel. You cry and close your eyes just as he is about to hug you. You open your eyes and see nothing but trees and rain. You look around and see a circle of trees around you. You start to get tired so you decide to just sleep there because you don't want to see Zack or the guys right now. You lay down and close your eyes.
  8. You dream that you were dying and the guys were in the room with you but not paying attention to you. "Guys, What's going on?" You say as you sit up. You feel a pain in your stomach and see that you were stabbed in the stomach. You look shocked but the guys aren't even sad. Zack looks at you and smiles evily. "Would you just die now!" He shouts. You look shocked and hurt. "You guys want me to die?" You say with tears in your eyes. The guys nod and you looked shocked. "So if I let go and die, you guys wouldn't care?" You say as you wait for their answer. "Not really. You were always a pain." Says Jake. "Ya you were annoying." Says Zack. "And Weak." Says Cody "And Stupid." Says Justin "Don't forget ugly." Says Jake and the guys laugh. You can't believe your ears. You close your eyes and a tear rolls down your cheek. "Guys! She's over here!" You hear someone say in your dream. You look around in your dream but don't see anything except the mean guys laughing as they mock you. *Guys* They rush over to where Justin was and sees you laying down. The rush over to you and Cody checks for your heart beat and feels it. He sighs in relief and nods toward the guys. The guys smile and Zack picks you up. He whispers, "I'm so sorry." A tear rolls down your cheek and Zack sees this and freaks out. "Guys, she's crying!" The guys run to you and sees that your dreaming. They run you to your room and set you down on your bed. *You* You feel yourself being set down. You don't know what's going on but it scares you. You cry more and feel a pain in your stomach and a bright light. You wake up crying to see that your in your room. You look around and see Zack with you. You cry as he stares at you. You look down and you hear him come toward you. "Im so sorry _____. I was sleepwalking and when I do that, I say things I don't mean." He says as he grabs your hand. You look into his eyes and see that he's telling the truth. You look at your arm and look down. You sees it too and he looks sad. He hugs you and you hug him back. He pulls away and sees that you were crying and scared. You look into his eyes and you lay back down and he sits on your bed. You lay by him and close your eyes. A tear rolls down your cheek and he wipes it away.
  9. You wake up to see the sun rise and a girl standing at your window. You get up slowly and see that she looks a lot like you. You sit up and get closer to the person. "Look who's up." Says the girl. She turns around and you see that she is you. You stare at her in amazement and she laughs evily. You think that your seeing things. "No ______, your not seeing things. I'm real." She says. You stare in amazement and feel yourself getting dizzy. You fall to the ground and she laughs. "Before you ask any questions again. I'll just tell you the answers. My name is Maya and I'm your...
  10. Your Conscience." You look shocked and stare at her. It looks like your staring in a mirror. You look down and cover your eyes. You hear her laugh. You look up and see she's gone. You look around the whole room and see nothing. You look in your mirror and see yourself smiling at you. Your reflection has red eyes and look evil. You get scared and run away. You reach the hall and see no one in the hall. "You can't run from me ______. I'm in your mind." Says Maya ending with a laugh. You hold your head and Cry softly. Your head starts to hurt. "I Have to get away from here." You think. "Oh yeah that's smart. Run away from the people protecting you." Says Maya. You stop walking and think. You decide to stay but not tell the guys about your headaches or Maya.
  11. You start to walk downstairs to hear the guys talking in the kitchen. "You think she'll forgive me?" Says Zack. "I'm sure she will. She is sweet like that." Says Justin. You smile and blush. Maya gags in your mind. "That's too mushy for me. Time for a little drama." Says Maya "What do you me...?" You say. You feel her doing something. You sneeze making you fall down on the stairs. You hit your head, making your headache worst. You groan and rub your head as the guys rush in. "Are you okay?" Says Cody, helping you up. You feel dizzy and stay down. The guys look down at you with worry in their eyes. "I just feel sick, that's all." You say, sneezing. Cody reaches for your forehead but Maya tells you to pull away or she'll hurt you again. You refuse. Cody feels your forehead and you have a fever. "I TOLD YOU TO PULL AWAY! NOW YOU WILL PAY." Yells Maya in your head. Zack picks you up and carries you to your room. You start to feel a major headache and Cody seems to feel it too because he starts to grip his head just as you do. The guys look at you and Cody. Cody stops gripping his head but you still grip your head. Cody comes to you so fast that it's like Edward in Twilight.
  12. "_______? _______! ______ Listen to me! If you can hear me, I need you to open your eyes." You hear him and open your eyes and the headache disappears. You look at Cody who looks in pain by your pain. He looks into your eyes and sighs in relief. Zack and the guys looks confused. "Take her to her room and bring me a flashlight and earphones." Says Cody. The guys nod and rush you to your room. They set you down and you start talking in your mind. "Why are you doing this to me?" You think. "Cause it's fun!" Says Maya. "Don't you dare hurt the guys like you just hurt Cody!" "Hey that wasn't my fault! He was listening to your thoughts and heard me talking." You look confused but wipe that face when Cody looks into your eyes. "Can you do me a favor and go to your mirror?" Asks Cody. You look confused but follow his request. You get up and walk to the mirror with the guys following you. You look into the mirror and see your reflection. "Why am I here again? It's just my reflection." Cody was about to answer when the guys eyes went wide and you felt the headache again. You look toward the mirror to see you with red eyes and an evil grin. Cody grabs you and takes you to your bed. He sets you down and your headache stops. "What the hell just happened?" Asks Jake with fear in his eyes. "Something is controlling _____ and it's evil." Says Cody looking into his eyes. You open your mouth to say something when you start to feel weak. You lay down and fall asleep very fast.
  13. You feel yourself awaken by Maya and told to go downstairs. You can't do anything but listen and obey her. She tells you to go to the kitchen. As soon as you enter, you feel weak. You turn on the light only to see a video camera staring at you. You start to walk toward it when you hear a familiar woman voice. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Says Sabrina. You turn around fast and see her smiling at you. You focus on the water in the faucet and try bending the water. It doesn't work. You hear Maya laughing in your head. "Oh your so weak! Maya is doing a great job, isn't she?" You start to get furious. You run to her and plan to round house kick her when you saw something shine in her hand. You gasp as you feel a pain in your stomach. You hear Maya and Sabrina laughing as you stare at Sabrina with pain in your eyes. She lets go of the knife and you fall to the ground. You start to see a blur in your eyes and see Sabrina and You standing above you laughing. You feel yourself being lifted and carried into the cold. You then hear crunches of leaves beneath you. You feel yourself being laid down. You feel the cold leaves and grass beneath you. You open your eyes to see Maya bending down to look straight into your eyes. "You will die soon and the guys don't know a thing. I can't wait to have your kingdom and you." She laughs and grab the knife from your stomach. She pulls it out and you gasp in pain. Then they were gone. *Guys* Jake comes downstairs and sees a note on the fridge saying,"She is gone and this is how." It points to a camera and Jake feels a shudder go down his spine. He plays the camera and sees you fighting Sabrina and then you being stabbed. At the end of the video it shows you falling and Maya smiles at the camera then turns it off. He pounds the wall and runs to the pool. He looks around and sees nothing. *You* You breath slowly, keeping a hand on your stomach. You hear your name being shouted but you fade out.

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