Lucky in Love part 5

This is the second to last one in the series. Yes, that means part 6 is going to be the last one. Sad, I know. But, if you've been following along with the rest of the quizzes, you should be in love with ONE of the guys. Will your views change or are you still "Lucky in Love" with that same guy?

You know who that AMAZING guys are, what they can do, and what they look like. Enjoy the last few moments you have with them in this and the next quiz. Have fun! =)

Created by: Emma
  1. "I'm assuming you know about Alex" he starts off. You nod again. "He told me to explain everything to you for him. Ah, yes. I see you want to know how he can talk to me when he's not here. Well, first of all, water and earth have a very rare relationship with each other. They can communicate with the other even when they are very far apart."
  2. "'s pretty cool i guess...'cept we always know what the other is thinking. Even if we don't want to. I know how much he loves you...and he knows how much I love you, too." he looks down. "We're not here to talk about love. We are here to talk about what's going on. Okay?" you say. "Right," he continues. "The five of us-Alex, Adam, Matt, Ryan, and me-all come from different backgrounds. Usually, our parents have either thrown us out or we have never known who are parents were."
  3. " there are some people out there, people like us, that...kind of want us dead. But, the only way to kill someone like us is to use their own element against them or the opposite element against them. Matt didn't kill his parents completely. They just disappeared for a little bit. He didn't find out until now and that's why Alex is gone. He can control water and, against fire, either one could die. It's very dangerous." Peter says. "But why do Matt's parents have to be killed? They are the oldest members of our kind. They rule everything and whatever stands up to them will eventually die."
  4. "...but why are you five still alive then?" you ask. "Because we are fighting for something; You." he finishes.
  5. He laughs at your reaction and goes on, "Not just for your love. That's a ridiculous thing to kill over. No, you have special meaning to our kind. You can change the future. Now, have you had any dreams recently that have seemed more than real? We need to know." You suddenly notice Ryan, Matt, and Adam standing behind Peter. Adam's blonde hair is sparkling in the sunlight-which always seems to be shining on him =). Ryan's red and orange highlights are bright as ever, they almost look as if they are actual fire. Matt's eyes are starting to change colors again. They are now a deep sad...and you see a new scar on his face. It looks as if it was from some sort of claw scratching at him. Peter's brown hair is blowing in the wind and there's no sign of dirt on him at all...His green eyes are shining as bright as the grass on the ground. "Yes." you say.
  6. You tell them exactly what was going on in your dream about Alex. When your done, they just look at each other. "We have to go help him then if this could happen! In my dream, I tried to help him...I tried so hard! I can't change this! We HAVE to help him!" you shout. Then you start to cry. One of your tears falls on a petal on the pink flower. The petal turns white and falls to the ground. "We can't do anything. This is his fight." Ryan says. "Ummm hello! YOU can control FIRE! Why aren't YOU fighting his parents?!" you shout. "Because-" Ryan starts to say. "He can't control himself after he uses fire to kill. If he even does it once, he could start to kill everything. That's what fire does. It keeps burning until someone puts it out." Matt says.
  7. "Oh..." you say. You hear something splash into the water. "What was that?!" you ask. The guys shrug. "I didn't hear anything." Adam says and the others nod in agreement. You remember what Alex said in his message, "Please remember, while I'm gone, to look in the darkness and the depths of the lake for me. Because I promise i'll always be there." You run over to the side of the water and look in. A picture starts to form in the water.
  8. ~*~*~You see yourself looking up at a huge, clear sky. There's a rose in the sky made up of the brightest stars. The willow tree's "tears" are softly swaying in the breeze. A small noise reaches your ears. "˜The music!' you think. You see yourself holding a beautiful rose and a figure comes out of the shadows. The two figures start to dance to the music. ~*~*~ The water turns a bright red and the picture fades. The water returns to normal, leaving no sign of the vision.
  9. "What is Alex thinking about right now?" you ask Peter without taking your eyes off of the water. "Ummm...." he says. "Hold on a sec." You wait for a couple minutes. "What is he thinking right now?!" you say again. "I don't know! I don't know how, but he's blocking his thoughts from me! I'm sorry!" he replies. "He's okay, _____. We just have to wait." Matt says. He comes up and gives you a soft hug. "I'm sorry this had to happen to you..."
  10. You decide to go home and rest because it's getting a little dark outside. In the middle of your walk home, you notice it's pitch black outside. But, you can see as if it was daytime. A lot of weird things have been happening lately, so you just ignore it. You get home and fall asleep on the couch. You don't get much sleep before a mysterious noise wakes you up. Your eyes open in a flash but you don't see anything there.
  11. "Who's there?" you say, slowly reaching for the light switch. "Please don't do that!" a familiar voice says.
  12. "Miss me?" the voice says. "...Alex..." you say. Your so happy you don't believe this is real. "This is just another one of my dreams. I'm going to wake up crying in a few minutes. I know I'm gonna wake up soon." you mutter to yourself. "This isn't a dream. I promise. Here," he says. He comes up and kisses you. You can't see his face. He's just a shadow. But you know it's him. His lips softly touch yours and you start to cry. He slowly backs away. "I've always been a sweet person. Never liked the salty stuff that much haha so your gonna have to stop crying cuz the salt stings the cut on my lip." he says smiling. You laugh at yourself and wipe the tears away.
  13. "So what happened?" you ask. "A lot." Alex says.

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