Lucky in Love part 1

Hey! I hope you like this quiz-it was my first one so don't be too hard, I'll get better! Ok, so summer just ended and right before you and your family went on vacation, your boyfriend broke up with you for your older sister! So, basically, you've had one of the worst summers ever. But, be ready for some guy-drama at school! Maybe, at the end, you'll find you're "Lucky in Love"

There are four guys-there might be more in future parts but for now there are only four. Matt-the new kid at school. Has long-ish black emo hair. Great smile. Really quiet and skateboards. Peter-brown flippy-hair, show-off. One of Matt's best friends. Really good at soccer. Alex-blonde-ish brown-ish short hair. Wears punk kinda clothes from pac sun and stuff like that. Goes through a LOT of girls. And Adam-AMAZING smile! blonde, short hair. wears a lot of abercrombie, really funny and nice. One of your best guy friends. Enjoy the Quiz! I'll come out with the next ones as soon as possible!

Created by: Em =D
  1. It's the first day of school and you're already late for the bus! You grab your school bag and take a quick look in the mirror *you HAVE to look good for your first day of school!* What are you wearing?
  2. You run like a big dork to try to get to the bus before it leaves. You make it-THANK GOD-but all the open seats are taken. Who do you ask to sit by?
  3. Whatever you said didn't matter because before you got the chance to ask, Adam asked if you needed a seat. You say:
  4. You sit together and start talking about your summer. "I hated my parents made me go to camp and I got pranked on the first night!" he says. You quietly giggle and:
  5. After doing whatever you decided to do, Adam tells you what they did and you explain why your summer stunk, too. "Over the boyfriend broke up with me...for my sister...and he did it right before my fam left for Cali..." you try to hold back tears and Adam gives you a big hug.
  6. You finally get to school and you notice your friends at the cafeteria table-Marie, Maddie, Emily, and Lynette. You tell Adam bye and head over to the table. Emily gives you a hug-everyone knows about the breakup-and gives you a box of tic-tacs (they are basically your fave food if there even a food) then you notice everyones looking at the ground like they have a secret.
  7. After an awkward silence, looks are exchanged and Lynette speaks up, "_...Jake (your ex's name) is in your homeroom this year..." You say:
  8. Whatever you say is blocked out by the school bell. It's only a half/day today but when the last bell FINALLY rings you feel like you've had the LONGEST day! You get on the bus and sit by:
  9. You get off the bus and go home. The first thing you do is:
  10. Lets say you went skateboarding. You go and find Matt there talking with a bunch of his friends. You don't know any of them so you decide to wait a bit till they leave to go talk to Matt. They eventually leave and you go up to Matt and say:
  11. He shows you some tricks and hes awesome!!! (even if you don't like him, you think hes a pretty good skater) you try an easy looking one and...YOU FALL AND BLACK OUT!

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