What vampire will you love?

What vampire will you love? Alex tall, dark brown hair, muscular, brown eyes Levi short, black spiked hair, green eyes Zak average height, blond wavy hair, blue eyes

Check back for part two I'm going to try to make them every week. please comment so i know if i should make these quizzes or not. if you have any ideas for me just put them in the comments.

Created by: nickie123
  1. It is the first day of school. You are waiting for the bus when three boys walk up to you. The tallest of the three has short, dark brown hair, and is muscular. The next tallest has blond wavy hair and is also muscular. The shortest has short, black, spiked hair.
  2. The one with the blond wavy hair looks at you then says hi. "I'm Zak" he said. "What's your name?" You reply "____" "nice name" he says. "these are my brothers Alex, he points to the tallest of the three, and Levi" he says pointing to the others."were new here" "oh" you say. you didn't get to finish speaking because the bus came and you get on!
  3. You get on the bus and sit in one of the two only open seats. Levi and Alex sit in the other open seat. Zak looks at them and frowns. Then he looks at you and ask if he can sit with you. You nod and move your stuff out of the way and start listening to your ipod.
  4. Zak notices you listening to your ipod. "What song are you listening to?" you realize that he was talking to you and pull out one earbud. You say...
  5. "Hey, I can play that song on the guitar." Zak says. "Really Cool." you say. You two spend the rest of the bus ride talking about music. Once the bus stopped at school you get out Zak, being a gentleman lets you go first. "Thanks" you say. "No problem". You get off the bus and walk to talk to your friends.
  6. You go to your first hour class which was English. you were a little late so you were relieved that your friend saved you a seat. You teacher handed out an assignment for you to work on. In the middle of it you pencil broke. You think.
  7. You get up to go to the pencil sharpener. When you got there you had to wait because Alex was already sharpening his pencil. He was taking a long time so you say "could you possibly go any faster?" He doesn't say anything then he turns around, grabs your broken pencil and starts sharpening your pencil for you. When you get it back you see that there is a note wrapped around the pencil held by a rubber band. You walk back to your desk and unroll the note. it said... Dear _____, Do you want to sit with me at lunch? Alex. You turn around and Alex raises his head to look at you. You nod your head to answer the note. He smiles and you turn back to your assignment.
  8. At lunch you get...
  9. You walk across the lunchroom and join Alex at a table. You start talking about whatever. In the middle of the conversation Zak and Levi show up.
  10. You all end up comparing schedules then it's off to math with Levi. You are the first ones there and since none of your other friends are in this class you sit next to Levi. While you wait for class to start you and Levi take out your notebooks and draw each other. You finally give up trying to make it good so you just draw a stick person. You are about to show each other your pictures when the teacher comes in and starts class.
  11. It's the end of school and you stay after because your mom can't pick you up. oh just so you know your dad is in the army so he's away and your mom works as a nurse and works long hours. ok? good. so you are staying after school. You show Levi (who's also staying after your picture of the stick person. He looks at it and laugh. Then Zak comes up behind Levi and snatches the paper. He looks at it and looks at you. then laughs. you blush and look away. Levi hugs you and holds out his drawing of you. It was a perfect manga version of you. You ask if you could keep it and he says yes.
  12. Eventually Alex showed up and you suggest that you all play ninja since there was nothing to do. After all it is the first day of school. I'm sorry if you don't know what ninja is. it's basicaly a game where you try to touch the other persons hand and not let the other person touch your hand. You get out in the first round. The other three play. they go faster and faster till Zak gets out. he comes and sits next to you on a table. what do you think
  13. You watch Levi and Alex. You notice how Levi looks like he knows every move that Alex makes before Alex even moves. They are moving at what seems an inhuman speed. Finally with a loud dang it Alex loses. you applaud them for their spectacular performance and they smile.
  14. After a while you get a call from your mom saying that she won't be able to pick you up so you'll have to walk home. You put together your things. Say good bye to the guys and start walking home. You notice somebody walking behind you the next thing you know you feel someone grab you from behind and you black out. sorry bout the cliffhanger.

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