What wolf are you?

What's your rank in a Pack? Unlike other wolf quizzes, this doesn't include 'alpha and omega' and so-on. The rankings in this quiz are: Leader Deputy Healer Fighter/Hunter Apprentice Pup

Yup, there are a few of those random questions in, like almost every quiz, but cut me some slack; I'm not Einstein. But, wolves are cool, so I decided to make this quiz for all those wolf lovers out there ^.^

Created by: Dawn
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a good warrior?
  2. Do you care for others?
  3. Do you know much about medicine?
  4. Do people look up to you?
  5. What describes you?
  6. Do you like this Quiz? (This won't affect your score?)
  7. Did you steal my cookie? -.-
  8. How big are you? (Think wolf)
  9. How can you imagine your death?
  10. What's your popularity rating?

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Quiz topic: What wolf am I?