Death's Door Part 8.5: ALEX FIGHT

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Welcome to Season Two of Death's Door! After a lot of writing and editing, I think I've got season two fairly planned out. Enjoy it, there's only 12 left!

So for those of you who don't remember the Season one ending, you were given the option to either go to fight Alex or Logan. Well unfortunately, I only made this one, so sorry!

Created by: James Bond
  1. Welcome To season Two of Death's Door! This Season will continue up until part 15, and Season three will be completed later in summer and will be the LAST SEASON, going up to part 20. Sound Good?
  2. This will also be the only 8.5, so for those of you who wanted the Logan fight, too bad, you're taking this one (I know I'm horrible)
  3. The plain is just up ahead, as you approach it With Kyle, John, and Emily. The four of you haven't got the best luck today: A massive fog has rolled in. You literally can't see anything. If you push on, You'll have to rely on your hearing, but if you postpone the fight, you run the risk of Alex relocating before you can catch him. What do you do?
  4. The four of you sneak onto the border of the plain, which you would guess is huge since it has to shelter around a dozen people. What's your plan for attack?
  5. After flying above the fog, John touches back down after about two minutes. "Something doesn't make sense, there's only two of them that I could see. Shouldn't be too hard to take over, they don't have any buildings or anything, only a couple tents. Emily can come with us I guess, should be a quick fight," he says. Only two? Huh, that's odd. You would have thought that since Alex is so important, he would be protected. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Both you and Kyle Run out into the open shouting, with the non-fighters John and Emily behind you. The fog has barely cleared up, but enough to where the two of you can the the silhouette of a campsite of 3 tents, and the outline of two people chilling near the campfire. They quickly turn from hearing yelling, and see you and Kyle. They both stand. The closer you get, you recognize both of them. Zack, Damian's favorite toy; and the other you remember the blonde haired 12 year old who multiplied himself to fight you that one time you saved Emily. Great, you're up against two of Damian's best dudes. Who do you take?
  7. Kyle charges for Seth. The blonde takes out those famous swords of his and changes into a group of Ten. You forcefully levitate one that charged you into the campfire. Then they start coming at you in groups of three. You force two of them backwards into their tents, but miss the third one, who slashes your arm. You back off, and John swoops down, snatches the one who cut you, and rises into the air. The blonde clone drops his sword before he is taken off. John waits until he is about 50 feet in the air and drops the clone. You are mildly injured, but the sword is in front of you. You don't have time to do both, so what do you do?
  8. Alright, so you took one fencing class in the summer. That's one class against someone who looks like they've been practicing for a long time, and has you outnumbered. Your plus is that a 12 year old kid vs. a 15 year old Young man means that you have him beat in strength. One of the clones comes towards you, going for a slice to your left arm (Your fencing arm). What do you do?
  9. You dodge to the left. The noob misses, and goes to far. From this, he trips and falls. You throw your sword down into the Blondie... You thought he was a clone. He wasn't. If he were a clone, he would have just evaporated basically. But you just stabbed the original, a normal person. He gags and coughs, you know he's bleeding to death. You stare in shock. He looks at you with his young green eyes in tears just before he goes limp. "I'm a murderer," You think to yourself, still in shock. Kyle, John, Emily, and even Zack stop their fighting when they heard the boy being impaled. They all look at the corpse of the young boy and look back up at you in shock. This is only for a second though, and Kyle takes this as a chance to dissipate behind Zack and elbow him in the back of the head. Zack falls down, and covers his face with his arms. Kyle sighs. "Ugh. Thank God that's over... Alright, lets find Alex," he says. You can mourn for the deceased boy later, but for now, your goal is to find Alex. Where do you look first?
  10. There he is, the one that can save you, sitting calmly in his tent. He looks like he was ready for you to find him in here. He recognizes Kyle, and shifts uncomfortably. "Easy," Kyle says "I'm not with Damian anymore. That's changed." Alex looks at you in curiosity. K now's your chance, what do you tell him?

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