~Online Love~ 9

MAKE SURE YOU TOOK PART 1-8 BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS ONE. You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. 'Alex' is you when you are on chat with Alex Green the guy. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. This takes place offline too now. I hope you like it! And don't even bother to answer the questions except for the very last one.

Created by: random person

  1. [I gotta go find her. She's gone again. Sometimes her emotions get the best of her] *weeping* "Rena?" *turns a corner into the alley* [She's crying... such small shoulders] "Rena, I'm really really sorry" [She's not answering] a minute later. "A-Alex, I'm asking you again. Please tell the truth. Do you like him? Do you?"
  2. "No I don't Rena" [How long will I lie to her... Truthfully I'm not sure anymore] "Are you sure? I-I'll let you two alone... if you do like him... it's all over your face. You like him don't you?" "NO. Rena, no I don't like him. I won't be talking to him ever and I'll support you when you need it, you're my best friend. I'm not gonna trade you in for someone who might not even last"
  3. "I think this will all be better by tomorrow" [I wasn't sure who said that] *moments later* [I'm not sure how we ended up here, but we're here for some reason] "Ya know, two days ago when it rained... I thought I saw a rainbow through your window" said Rena. [Or was it me?]
  4. "Remember when we went rainbow hunting for the treasure at the end of the rainbow? Well, we tried to hide some papers in a box and put it where we thought the rainbow would end up next time" [We did? I don't remember]
  5. "Heh, I wonder if it's still there" she said. "What?" Alex asked. "Oh, you don't remember? I don't remember much either, but I think it was at the beach somewhere" [I just nodded]
  6. June 29, Wednesday 9:03AM Alex: Sup. 'Alex': offline. 10:33AM 'Alex': online. Alex: Hi? 'Alex': offline. 11:02AM Alex message: How mad are you at me? Rate from a scale of 1-10. 1 as ur not really mad, 10 as ur really mad. ttys.
  7. 12: 04PM. Alex messsage: Ok, I know that was kinda dumb. Fine, stupid question. But, Im sorry bout yesterday ok? Just forget about it. Or r u mad dat I sad it meant nothin? Send me a message soon.
  8. 12:23PM Alex message: its ok, take ur time to type. 2:56PM Alex message: I'm starting to think that there's somethin wrong wit ur facebook or somethin cuz ur probably not gettin my messages. dat's ok, ill post on ur wall. better yet, i'll just dump som letters in ur mailbox? where do you live? ok, so maybe ur not gettin dis so i'll put a stash of somewhere on da playground. or meet me at da park. if u don't wanna talk to me ever again hbu send me letters too??
  9. 5:37PM Alex message: ok, i admit it its dumb to say dat a kiss don't mean nothin, sooo i do like you. please talk to me soon. 9:45PM Alex message: good night lol. 1:03PM Alex message: Hello, I'm just a lonely soul in this dark room with my cat. I miss Alexi and I need a texting buddy. I can't sleep. Talk to me??
  10. June 30, Thursday 7:09AM. 'Alex' message: Alex, you really are annoying. Maybe this whole mess will be over if we just go on our own ways for a while and see how it's like. We're still just friends right? Alex message: If we're friends then we're spose to talk. 'Alex': I'm doing this for Rena. Alex: I don't like her. 'Alex': it still hurts though. to her. Alex: so what, tell her i don't like you either then. I don't like anybody. I'm not ready to mess wit girls yet ;)
  11. 'Alex' message: just a few days of being alone then. Alex message: see, i still dont get girls :( I mean WHAT'S THE POINT?? i'mma com and find ur house NOW. i dont where u live yet but i get my ways. ;/

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