~Online Love~ 4

MAKE SURE YOU TOOK PART 1-3 BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS ONE, OR EVERYTHING WILL SEEM BORING AND ENDLESS. You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. 'Alex' is you when you are on chat with Alex Green the guy. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. This takes place offline too now. I hope you like it!

Created by: random person

  1. "Hey Rena!" I yelled. "Alex!" she called out to me. "Is your 'friend' here?" "Don't use 'that' tone, Alex. I'm not crazy in love" "mmm... I know you. You're in love" I grinned. "I. Am. NOT." she grins back and chucks a handful of woodchips at my hair.
  2. [I dodge it. She's a terrible shot anyways] Just then, a guy comes out from behind the oak tree. "ALEX!!" Rena shouts and runs up to him. [He. Looks... familiar too... tall, tousled dark blonde, metal blue eyes, loose swagger shoulders,and a smirk to top off his good looks. No wonder Rena likes him]
  3. "I'll get you back later" I hiss into Rena's ear. [He smiles at Rena. Why do I feel so envious. Oh well, Rena saw him first] "We've been waiting long. This is Alex" Rena intros me to him. He just nods. [Why is he staring at me with those eyes? It's like he knows something I don't] "Hey so, let's go to Dairy Queen's?" said Rena trying to break the silence. Alex and I nod at the same time.
  4. *Rena cheerfully talks along the way ahead of us, me behind, and the other Alex kinda lingering in the middle* [Why is he looking at me again?] His sharp blue eyes dart from my hand to my face. He glanced away right when I catch his glance. His eyes are like silver veined, turquoise stones.
  5. [I guess I should put this in my pocket...] *stuffs cell phone into pocket* [He's finally looking away] His hand rests on his left pocket briefly.
  6. moments later... "BANANA SPLIT BLIZZARD FOR ME PLEASE!" Rena ordered. "Uh, oreo. For me" said Alex stumbling over his words. "BANANA SPLIT BLIZZARD OVER HERE!" I ordered grinning at Rena. [We both have a lot in common even though we're not really besties]
  7. Once we get our blizzards, we head outside to the benches. Rena long finishes her before we finish ours. She stares longingly at mine. *A few moments of tension* Her hand darts forward and grabs a banana piece.
  8. "RENA!!" I scream laughing. She pops it in her mouth and grins. I glance at Alex. He's grinning. I grab a handful and mash it on her forehead. She grabs a glob of mine and smears it on my cheek. We laugh out loud and both look at Alex. He laughs along. Without thinking I mash a dripping one on him. Rena looks into the cup. No more left.
  9. She snatches out her camera and clicks one at me before running back inside to wash. We were all covering our faces with the lady behind the counter gaping at us.
  10. At the end of the day... Rena: Imma post dem on fb, dat ok wit u? Alex: yea. 4 seconds later. Notifications: 2 Rena tagged two photos of you *clicks on notifications* [RENA!! I'm gonna kill her, these are so embarrassing!! But I'm laughing so hard! Oversized me and her jammed onto one baby swing, me on the seasaw with a pile of woodchips on the other end... and that's her with woodchips all over her hair]
  11. Rena: Like em? Alex: Yeppers. Rena: XD. Alex: haha ikr. Rena: lol. Alex: lmao. Alex kinda got scared I think. Rena: roflmao. Seventeen minutes later. [Welp, she's left] *sigh* [Rena... she keeps telling everyone that we're best friends... but we don't even have the same classes except for lunch and gym. We've kinda known each other since preschool... but I mean I've never really paid her attention. She was just. There. But she doesn't seem to have anyone. We're friends, but I don't consider her a best friend... she's trying so hard though... Sherri, my best friend, hasn't talked to me for weeks already]
  12. Katty: Hey. Alex: Oh hi Katty. Katty: Wat up. Alex: eh not much. you? Katty: same here, I'm bored. What you doin now? Alex: Eh I dunno, not much. Katty: Cool, have fun. Alex: Yep. Thirteen minutes later. Katty: So, are you really Rena's best friend? Alex: Uhh, sorta I guess. Why? Katty: Well... you know her. She's always talking in class to me about how you and her are best friends, but it didn't look like it really to me. Alex: Really? She says that? Katty: Yea, a lot actually. It gets annoying haha. Alex: I didn't know that. Katty: You must've been a really good friend. :) Alex: haha, yea...
  13. *types in Rena Mitchell Clicks on 'Pics of Me and my BFFs* [That's her and a girl she hangs out with] *grins* [That's soooo Rena. Dumping a bag of sugar on my head behind me. I really got her back with that mayonnaise bottle. She loves mayo] *clicks on next picture. [Ughh, she's not even looking at the camera in this one!! This was the afterschool dance. She keeps staring at Darwin. Ohh my braces are hideous. And I let her pick them too!] *views the rest of the photos* [Eh, I'll come back tomorrow...]
  14. Stay tuned please?? There will be better things and ESPECIALLY stay tuned for the end, because I've got great endings for you to choose. There'll be EXTREMELY sad ones, and happy ones I assure you.

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