~Online Love~ (remade)

You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. I hope you like it!

Created by: 54packers

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  1. June 22, Thursday 2:09 AM [uh what? Friend request? Seventeen minutes ago, hm, I must've dozed off] *clicks on it* [Alex Green? Who's that? Eh, some random jerk, forget it]
  2. Messages: 1 Alex Green [That guy again, what does he want?] Alex Message: Hey, wanna be my friend? [What the- Ugh, just ignore it] Four minutes later. Messages: 1 Alex. [Ugh, what does he want??] Alex Message: Do you want to be friends?
  3. [Ok, I am messaging him back] 'Alex' Message: Do I know you? Alex Message: Nope, but you do now. :) Do you want to be friends? *Six minutes later* 'Alex' Message: Um, who are you? Alex Message: Just a lonely soul in this dark room with a cat that needs a texting buddy. Would you be so kind to be one?
  4. *Nine minutes later* 'Alex' Message: ... How do you know my name? Alex Message: I just typed in my name and switched the last two letters of my last name,entered and YOU were the chosen one :) ~... and that is how it started, with just one message... something develops...~
  5. seven minutes later. Alex message: You still haven't clicked accept yet. [But I don't know you. Jeez why does he wanna be friends so bad?]'Alex' message: Hey I'm internet safety educated. Alex message: What's that s'pose to mean? 'Alex' message: I know what kind of freaks are out there, ya know. Alex message: Mmmm I just escaped from a nearby prison and I've got a million dollars on my forehead.
  6. 'Alex' message: You might just be a computer virus. Alex message: What about you, child molester. 'Alex' message: You're the child molester. Alex message: Only one way to find out who's the child molester. 'Alex' message: How. Alex message: Did. You. Accept. The. Request. [I am totalllly pissed now!!] 'Alex' message: You know what, you're a jerk.
  7. *slams the labtop shut and rolls onto her side on her bed* [Why did I get so mad?] 4:43AM. *stares at the ceiling* 4:56AM. *gets up and opens her labtop* 4:57AM. *stares at the screen* 4:59AM. *arrow makes way to the confirm button, pauses* 5:01AM. *Friend Request Confirmed*
  8. Stay tuned?
  9. See ya
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