Does he like you?

This quiz is going to tell you if a boy likes you or not! We have all had crushes and this is why I made this quiz! I've been there done that and brought the t-shirt!

I am here to help and I hope you get the answer that you want! Good luck with your quiz and remember, follow your heart not your head !!! And it's love at first sight not love at first website so don't online date

Created by: Cathy
  1. When he sees you in a corridor or walking down the street he is most likely to...
  2. If you asked for his number he would probably say...
  3. Does he talk to you often?
  4. Does he act differently to you than he does to other people?
  5. How do his friends act around you?
  6. Is he ever mean to you?
  7. If you had to stay at his house for 2 days it would be really...
  8. Do you think he likes you?
  9. What do your friends think?
  10. What would he most likely call you
  11. Has he ever touched you?
  12. Has he ever said ' I love you ' ?

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