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  • Does he like you?
    Your Result: He doesn't like you :/

    He doesn't like you (sorry) !! Guys can be total jerks sometimes and this is one of those times :/ for some reason he doesn't like you so he is being totally immature but when he grows up he will see you with your great boyfriend and wish it was him :) one day he will see what he missed out on so good luck finding mr.right x

    Lol this is good news...i already found another guy...i just wanted to make sure this guy didn't like me like that cuz i would feel horrible if i let him down..."Mr. Right" is "totally in love with me", and this other guy, my friend's bro, likes me a lot. Going to be awkward :/

  • Comment please :) I got he wants to be my friend which is good because he not really hot but I luv him as a m8 :D

  • Yay. :3 Awesome quiz!

  • I just chose a random person :P

    oh... and I got he likes me as a friend, under that it was, "He REALLY likes you"

  • he really likes you....knew it...but thanx

    bla city

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