Does your crush like you?

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There are many people who have crushes, but few people want to know if there crushes like them.People have to know if there crushes like them. You totally need to know if he likes u.

Do u like someone? Do u want to know if they like u back? Here u are dying to know if he likes u. But there is only one way to find out. Try out this quiz and u will get your answers here.ENJOY

Created by: Lissette
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  1. Has he ever touched you or leaned on u or get close at all?
  2. Has he ever done any weird stuff on purpose?
  3. Has he ever looked at u out of nowhere?
  4. Does he ask u anything weird?
  5. Does he secretly get closer to u?
  6. Has he or she laughed at everything u do?
  7. Has he ever looked right into your eyes as u speak?
  8. Has he/she looked at your lips as u speak?
  9. Has he/ever gotten jelly or mad whenever u talk to someone else?
  10. Has he ever raced to pick u to be there partner?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?