Are We Gonna Be Friends?

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Hello! It's been a YEAR since the last quiz i made but who cares? Point is, I've changed and... well, I LOVE Undertale! I'm not obsessed over Purple Guy (my BFF is). My Sanspai is Blueberry, of course! I also like Ink Sans and the original Sans! :D

I made a new O.C. a couple of months ago. Her name is Arial and she's a skeleton. She likes puns and hot dogs and she also likes puzzles and games. She works hard to join the Royal Guard! Today we brought her and Shadowla in to ask you questions! Will we become friends? FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND OOOOOOOOUUUUUUUT NOW!!

Created by: Shadowla
  1. So... First question! Which is better: Fnaf or Undertale?
  2. Shadowla:Favorite song from the Undertale soundtrack
  3. Arial:I know... it's so obvious... favorite color?
  4. What video game do you like?
  5. Shadowla:Who is you're LEAST favorite animal/creature?
  6. Arial:If you were stranded on an island(or a remote area) for several days and you have to eat ONE thing to survive long enough to be rescued what would it be? Options:Shadowla, Arial, Quiz Creator, a turtle's leg, a rotten hamburger, or raw chicken meat.(none can be cooked)
  7. What's you're favorite fnaf song? (out of these)
  8. Shadowla:Would you kill us when you finish this quiz?
  9. Arial: Favorite undertale characters? (it doesn't have to be both)
  10. Favorite food...
  11. Shadowla:Wait... why DID you take this quiz?
  12. Arial:This is taking forever... isn't it? Me:Ask a real question! Ariel:Fine... Pacifist, Neutral, or Genocide?
  13. Favorite fnaf characters?
  14. Let's fate decide
  15. Arial: Goodbye! Me:CIAO! Shadowla:Bai!

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