~Online Love~ 2

You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. 'Alex' is you when you are on chat with Alex Green the guy. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. I hope you like it!

Created by: 54packers

  1. June 23, Friday 10:37AM. [finally got up] *goes on facebook* Alex: Good morning Alexi. [Alexi?]'Alex': Whaaa?? Alex: I know you're still in your jammies. 'Alex': Yea, they're real warm on you aren't they. Alex: Hey I woke up six in the morning. [He did NOT wake up at six] 'Alex': Right, right. Alex: Really I did. 'Alex': Uh huh. Alex: Ugh never mind. Um, are you a girl?
  2. 'Alex': Uhhh yea... you thought I was guy didn't you. Alex: XD Yea, I thought you were a guy until I looked at your proflie info. It said you were a female. 'Alex': STALKER. Alex: You don't have any profile picture of you. 'Alex': You don't either. Alex: Hey lookie here, I found a profile picture.
  3. Alex: No wonder you were so moody. It's obvious. You're a girl. One of those grouchy types. 'Alex': What? Now I have a label? Alex: Hey chill, just joking around. 'Alex': Whatever. You're one of those annoying types. Alex: Heh, whatev. Gotta go. See ya Alexi. Oh, can I call you Alexi? 'Alex': NO. Alex: Ok. See ya Alexi. 'Alex': Hey you listen here- Alex: offline [... He's gone... Jerk]
  4. Rena: heyya Alex. Alex: Hey. Rena: somethin wrong? Alex: no... y? Rena: mm, seemed like somethin was wrong... oh well as long as ur hapi! Alex: yeppers, I'm good :) Rena: Great! I wanna tell you somethin. Alex: Yea? Rena: Im in LUV!! Alex: Who is it? Rena: guy name Alex he is soooo HOT *thirteen minutes later* Alex: ...Alex who? Rena: Alex Grrrrreeennn... OMG I luv sayin his name, it sounds so... Alex: Uh, I gotta go, bye... Rena: oh okay, see you tomorrow at the park ;) Alex: offline
  5. [Poke him?]
  6. 2:34PM. Notifications: 4. *clicks on notifications* [A Cafe world neighbor request from Alex... a neighbor farmville request from Alex. A backyard monster neighbor request... from Alex] Alex: Hello Alexi. [So that's all he needed. Neighbors for his games. He didn't really want a friend] 'Alex': You were just playing around weren't you. Alex: Huh? 'Alex': Why didn't you just say you needed neighbors for your games so you can level up in the first place?
  7. Alex: Oh sorry. I just thought about those after we became friends. 'Alex': Who said we were friends? Alex: Oh I thought we were friends?
  8. 'Alex': Uh nvm. I'll accept them if you really need me to. *clicks on accept* Alex: *typing* 'Alex': offline. Alex: *stopped typing*
  9. Stay tuned?
  10. Thanks, bye

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