~Online Love~ 11

Ok, so I'm guessing that everyone got "...you" as a result for the last quiz, right? But if you got "...Rena" or "...Sherri" then let me tell you this.

He knows he loves you deep down. So I'm not gonna make like other paths for those results so yea. I hope you like it and stay tuned. Not much excitement here.

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  1. "You don't really mean it do you?" 'Alex' asked her lip quivering. "I mean it, I do like you" Alex answered firmly. "But I..." 'Alex' trails off. "Do you have someone else? Or do you just not like me?" Alex asked quickly. "No... it's just... I dunno... I don't really want all this to happen. I guess I just wanna be friends and I don't like you back. And this is cruel to Rena. And I-" "I see" Alex mutters.
  2. "Um, it's just for a day or so... you know..." said 'Alex'. He nods his head once and leaves. Before he gets out the door, he calls out to her, "But I'm still coming back tomorrow for Monopoly. You called replay and I promised. See ya" He pauses for an answer from her. No reply. He leaves.
  3. June 30, Friday 8:09AM. Alex: Hello. 4 minutes later. Alex: aw come on you can't just ignore me like that. 'Alex': Ugh, I already told you to just let it go for a day or two! Alex: Whatever, I'm coming over. 'Alex': offline.
  4. [I'm baking some brownies right now with Troy... ugh stupid flour's all over the table] fifteen minutes later. *Knocking on the door* [Who could that be] *opens door* "Alex? What are you doing here?" 'Alex' asks in a surprised voice. "I told you I'm coming for Monopoly replay" he replied.
  5. He touches her chin. [What is he doing?] *swats his hand away* "Sorry" said 'Alex' abruptly. [Oh, he was wiping away brownie dough on my chin] *looks down* "Forget it Alex. She obviously isn't interested" said a smooth voice from behind him. "Huh?" 'Alex' gasps at Sherri. She comes up from behind him and sets her beautifully sculpted hand on his shoulder.
  6. She bats her smoky lashes at 'Alex'. "Well hello there... Alexi. Don't mind if I take him away for a while?" said Sherri in that smooth beautiful voice again. Alex is motionless. He's staring at 'Alex'. But she's staring at Sherri. [Sherri... is this Sherri? What's going on?? Why can't everything be... just like before? No, this isn't Sherri... I don't know those eyes. Sherri's eyes wouldn't look at me like that. If I just wash away all the mascara, I'll see Sherri again. Maybe if I close the door, everything will be gone...] *looks back at Alex. snaps back into reality*
  7. [It's all your fault Alex] *glares at him* [Ha, he looks surprised. Take that plastic model with you, just get outta my sight] Alex just stares at 'Alex's eyes with sorrow. And then he narrows them. Looks back at Sherri. Looks back at 'Alex's accusing ones. Sherri pulls him away. He turns around and struts after her like a zombie. 'Alex' shuts the door.
  8. June 30, Friday 10:03AM. Alex: Alexi?? Alexi answer me please. Ugh save me from Sherri. She's got her makeup drooling all over me. 'Alex': offline. Alex message: Alexi give it up. I don't love anyone else but you. Hey, is your birthday on the 4?? I mean July 4? That's kinda cool. I'll remember to get you a gift. Alex message: You are seriously not gonna answer me, huh. I don't know how YOU can take this. And guess what. My dad got a new motorcycle. I know I'm a little bit underage but who cares. I'm gonna ride it some time. You ever been on one?
  9. 12:54AM. Alex message: Ok, I'mma let you ride my new motorcycle on your b-day. Trust me, I KNOW how to drive one. ;) later that day... "How are you and Alex doing?" asked Rena. "Uh... about that, yea..." "I hope you two are doing great" "No Rena. I'm not gonna date him until you have truly forgotten him. I know you still like him" "No, I don't like him anymore" [I wish that was true]
  10. "Ah hello there Rena and Alexi..." said Sherri outta nowhere. She was holding onto Alex's arm. He glared at her and tried to yank out. Her fingernails dug into his shirt sleeve. He ripped from her but she grabs his hand. He gives up. Sherri catches his eyes. He's caught. They stare at each other dreamily. And then she pushes him into an alley. Behind a dumpster. Outta sight completely. And then Sherri moans.
  11. 'Alex's hands fly to Rena's ears. She drags her away. She looks into Rena's eyes. They're lifeless. Glassy. The pupils shrunk. "Rena?" 'Alex' asked. No answer. "Let's just go home" said 'Alex'. "I'm gonna make you your favorite, lemon bars. Rena? Rena?" [Omg, is she actually fainting?]
  12. *catches her* "RENA!" *shakes her shoulders furiously* "Sorry, I'm fine" said Rena and gently moves 'Alex's hands. minutes later at 'Alex's house. [Alex... I'm disgusted with him. I'm never talkin to him again. Ever] "Hey Alexi?" "Yea?" "I'm thinking. Should we throw a party on July 4?" "Uh... I dunno" "It's not just for your birthday but it's been so long since we've gone to a big one. Let's have one right here in your house"
  13. "Uh... sure. My parents will be gone that night too... so yea" said 'Alex'. [Well she sounds better now] "I'll take care of it all. You just stay put" said Rena cheerfully. 'Alex' smiles and nods. [But her eyes are still so lifeless]

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