~Online Love~ 5

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE TAKEN THE FIRST PARTS BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS ONE! THANK YOU. You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. 'Alex' is you when you are on chat with Alex Green the guy. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. This takes place offline too now. I hope you like it!

Created by: random person
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  1. June 26, Saturday 3:03PM. Alex: How was your day yesterday, Alexi? 'Alex': Strange question, yesterday was fine. Alex: I met a pretty girl yesterday. A fine one too. 'Alex': I met a pretty boy yesterday. A fine one as well. And I am about to go and see him now. Good day, I will talk to you in 30 years and tell you all about it. Alex: XD yea whatever, Birch Park at 4PM. BE THERE!
  2. *gets ready* [He better be there] *slips phone into jean pockets* [and he better have it too, better not be snooping around my photos]
  3. *flips open cover again* [That dog is sooo cute. Creamy butterscotch bob cut hair, bangs parted to one side, peach fuzz face and really short snout, huge soft cotton blue eyes... I swore saw this little girl somewhere. It's like I see her every morning in... the mirror? Eh, forget it]
  4. *walks out the door* [I'll take a different path today... just to kill time] 4 minutes later. [Eh??] *peeks over whitewashed fence* [That dog... it's so small! And cute] *dog comes up to her hands*
  5. "Why, you look quite familiar..." *glances at doghouse sign* "Alexi?" [This dog kinda looks like... me?] *strokes dog's ears* 1 minute later. "HE WAS MAKING FUN OF ME!!" [No wonder he wanted to call me Alexi, cuz I look like a neighborhood mutt. :-( ]
  6. *walks away shoulders hunched* [ugh, I hate him. >:-( ] *kicks a soda bottle* seconds later. *grabs soda bottle and chucks it down an alley dumpster* 5 minutes later. [Well, I got here. It looks like it's gonna rain though]
  7. *watches dark clouds gather from high in the park pine tree* [I remember this tree. It's been so long since I've sat here. When we were little, I'd climb up here. Sherri would be calling from below, demanding me to come down, or I'd get hurt. Rena would be over there... chin in her knees staring at the sand box from a distance. But last year, Rena sat by me in this tree despite her fear of heights. Sherri would be standing under the basketball hoop with a group of guys]
  8. [Huh?] *drop of water falls in her hair* [It's raining... Usually after it rains, Rena, Sherri and I'd go rainbow hunting. I miss those times] 3 minutes later. *cuddles into a ball, chin in knees, arms wrapped around* 5 minutes later* [It's getting cold]
  9. 15 minutes later. [My hair's all soaked. Why am I so numb? It's summer, it shouldn't be so cold] *4 minutes later* [He's not coming... but I'll wait] *2 minutes later* [Rena would be here. Right here next to me] "Now it's just me-" said 'Alex'. "And me" said a voice from behind.
  10. "Eh?" *lifts head as something warm wraps around her* [Oh... he took off his jacket and put it on me] "You. You look dead cold" said Alex. "But whadda bout you?" asked 'Alex' noticing his green T-shirt only. "Nah, I'm good. But you are one dumb-" *shoves him with her foot*
  11. "Shut up, Alex" "Hey hey, chill, what if I fall? I doubt you can bring me to the hospital" "Nah, I'll just leave you here to die" "Then you'll never know where I'm keeping your cell" "MY CELL PHONE! GIVE IT!" *makes a grab for it in his hand* "Hey, take it- e-ee-easssyy!!!" *she falls onto his chest* "Whoa, we coulda both died, I almost fell!"
  12. *lifts her head up* [Why is it so quiet now? His eyes, they're so warm] moments later. "Uhh..." both at the same time. *'Alex' jumps back immediately realizing she's on top of him* "uh, sorry" she mutters. "What happened to your hands? They're like ice!" said Alex ignoring what just happened.
  13. "Hey look, the rain's clearing..." said 'Alex' looking at the sky. "Over there" said Alex pointing to her right. "A... rainbow..."

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