Warrior cat love story part two! She cats.

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Hi this is part two, so I recommend doing part one first. Also I have quizzes about different things. Be sure to check those out too! I hope you like my quiz.

This quiz is about dawnsky if you don’t remember. There is also a new tom! I can’t wait to hear your comments! I understand if you can’t comment because you don’t have Facebook. I don’t have Facebook either and it’s annoying. Have fun!

Created by: Dawnsky

  1. Last time you were in battle with windclan and barkface was hurt. You were looking for the wound. Is that correct?
  2. So you check barkface for the wound. Barkface croaks: dawnsky? Yes, it’s me you answer. You have a wound on your shoulder!
  3. Sorry! I just found out I forgot to add casual!
  4. So you drag barkface to the medicine cat den. When you emerge, you see the windclan warriors running off. Your clan won the battle!
  5. A moon later you patrol the riverclan border. Suddenly, you see a riverclan cat stalking a mouse. In your territory! You run up to him and ask sternly: what are you doing in our territory, while you trap and kill the mouse with one paw. Hunting he answered innocently. Well get out of our territory! You yell. He doesn’t look impressed, but walks to his side of the border and sits down. See I’m on my side now! He says. Fine! you answer and walk off. You:
  6. When you get back to camp, nightfur asks if you want to share a rabbit. You answer:
  7. When you share, he asks you a question, but you don’t hear because you are thinking of:
  8. Two days later, you spot the same tom sitting on the border. What are you doing on the border! You demand, popping out of the bushes in front of him. The tom jumped. Waiting for you, he answed. Why? You ask. To apologize for hunting on your territory, here. He said moving a flower towards you.
  9. My name is silverstream. He continued. What’s yours? You were so shocked, that you absently gave your name.
  10. Shocked you pad away. You decide to tell nobody about this. On the way back to camp, you catch a trush.
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Ps the cat on the quiz picture is me ( and you because you are me in this quiz... phew confusing )

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