{A Love Story} Warrior Cats {For She-Cats} #2

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Hello, and welcome to this 20 question quiz! If you have not done the first one I do recommend it to understand the story better. Either way, you should be okay. If you are reading this you cannot like another Clan cat instantly. For example, (Spoiler for the quiz), a tom comes up to you and looks handsome. It'll take longer for your cat to like them and more time spent because you both are in different Clans.

Well then, I just hope you enjoy this so called quiz! With these types of quizzes, it is pretty obvious what cat (or no cat) you will like. Last quiz I forgot you sit vigil a night after a warrior ceremony and I wanted this quiz done. So I haven't changed that and probably won't. Anyway, this quiz takes place in PetalClan. The other Clans are HollowClan, CloudClan, and AquaClan. No, these are not the main Clans of Warrior Cats, as you can tell. So sometimes, things might be a bit different. Anyway, hope you enjoy the quiz! And yes, I will make a part three.

Created by: Swanstar
  1. Yay, the second quiz is out! Yeah, after like who knows how long. Even if nobody does these quizzes, I will still make them just in case someone wants to do them for fun in the future. Like maybe you. ANYWAY, have you done the first quiz?
  2. Okay, either way welcome to this quiz! Last time, you ended with your warrior ceremony. Your new name is Featherfalling. Now, lets move to three days after. You are in a patrol near HollowClan territory. A fresh scent was spotted on your side of the border, as well with a fresh scent of mouse. You?
  3. (If you want to know, you are on a patrol with Fawnclaw and Honeyspot). Suddenly, a patrol of HollowClan cats comes up by the border. A handsome tom and two pretty she-cats are there. Your first reaction?
  4. (If you chose answer one for the last question, please answer this one. If not, go to the next.) The tom nods to you, "Good morning, what brings you here?" You look at him, "Just a border patrol," You remark. The other patrol nods, then leaves.
  5. (If you chose answer two for question 3, please answer this one. If not, go to the next.) The tom nods to you, "Good morning, what brings you here?" After a small moment of silence, Honeyspots, a she-cat on you patrol, nods back. "We were just doing a border patrol. What brings you here?" The conversation continues for a while and eventually you get going again.
  6. (If you chose answer three for question 3, please answer this question. If not, go to next.) The tom nods to you, "Good morning, what brings you here?" You narrow your eyes, "Someone left the scent of prey and HollowClan on our side of the border." You reply sharply. "Perhaps it's just a mishaps?" The tom replies. "I doubt." You hold back an mean snarl, "Just don't let it happen again!" You walk away, your Clanmates following you in a small sense of shock.
  7. {You are now back in camp, Fawnclaw reports about the patrol you met, and if you told them about the prey when you told them or screamed at the patrol.} You yawn, it was sun-high and you were already tired. Perhaps a nap would do good? Anyway, you spot Acornfalls coming up to you with Foxcatcher. "Hey, Featherfalling," He calls, "How about you join us for a hunt?" You join them knowing you want to be a good warrior. During hunting, you catch Acornfalls once again looking at you affectionately.
  8. You have caught a mouse and squirrel. You and the others decide to head back to camp. While placing the prey onto the fresh-kill pile, Foxcatcher walks up and asks you if you want to share with him.
  9. (If you chose to share with Foxcatcher, answer this question. If not, go to next.) You carry a pretty big thrush by the stump and begin to eat with him.
  10. Soon, the sun sets down into the evening. (If you chose not to eat with Foxcatcher, you already ate by yourself.) It's time to relax and share tongues with the others. Antlerclaw comes up to you, giving a nod for a greeting. "How has your day been?" 'It's been alright," you nod back, "Just a bit busy." "Okay. Well, I have a weird feeling Fawnclaw likes Acornfalls."
  11. "Oh, well, that's interesting.." Antlerclaw nods again, "Yep, and I think Sandslash likes Pumpkinpelt. So far, I see nobody seeming to like Brambletuft."
  12. You soon head to bed. Your nest closest too?
  13. {It's now dawn, you wake up and walk out of the nest.} "Oh, good morning!" Antlerclaw nods to you. He's sitting next to the fresh-kill pile with Brambletuft.
  14. You walk over, sitting in front of the two toms. "I'm excited for today!" Brambletuft smiles. "Why?" "Well," Antlerclaw began, "You see, Brambletuft is getting an apprentice. Her name is Badgerkit, soon to be 'paw."
  15. {It is now late-dawn. More cats are awake and the dawn patrol had already left way before you woke up and had just come back.} "Hey, Featherfalling!" Acornfalls calls to you. You walk over, "Yeah?" "Yesterday, did you smell any scents in our borders?" You nod, "Yes, I did. I also had the scent of fresh-kill."
  16. "Well, there was apparently more of them.." He looks you dead in the eye, "What are we going to do?" "Well, we can ask the leader about advice or scold the other Clan.."
  17. You both go to Applestar to ask of her concern. "We'll be fine for the time. It's just a few scents. We will warn the other Clan to stop." You and Acornfalls nod, then head outside. "Hey, Acornfalls!" Pumpkinpelt smiles, "Hi Featherfalling!" You and Acornfalls walk up to Pumpkinpelt, "What were you guys doing there?"
  18. "We were talking to the leader about the HollowClan scents." Acornfalls meowed, "They're placing more on OUR side." "Oh.. how come I didn't know?" Pumpkinpelt blinked. "I guess news doesn't spread like it use to," You say, half sighing.
  19. {It is now sun-high. You are in a patrol at the HollowClan border with Owlpelt and Honeyspots.} So far, there were scents on the wrong side of the border, but that was all that was there. Resetting the border marks on your side, the patrol left. Once back, cats crowd you and Honeyspots about questions while Owlpelt goes to the leader. You make your way through the crowd, obviously news was beginning to spread. You go into the quiet Warrior's Den, looking at your paws and thinking.
  20. You hear the leader's words ring around camp as you are thinking, "May all those old enough-" You cut it off from your hearing, already knowing what this is about. You clamber out of the Warrior's Den. Foxcatcher nods to you, "So, who do you think will get an apprentice?" "I know Brambletuft is, how about you?" "Oh, I'm not, I was hoping though.." After a short time, the ceremony was over. There was Rosepaw, Badgerpaw, and Lilypaw.

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