Death's Door Part Six: Legacy

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Welcome back to the story :P. This quiz has an unexpected twist in the end, involving the constant fight in your mind between you and Damian...

In this quiz, it's finally revealed which of you will win the fight, who the other that is not so lucky will be... Good luck, Thanks for taking the quiz.

Created by: James Bond
  1. So in part Five you learned that there is safety in numbers. Now in part six, You will learn that power does not make you invincible, and that fate can't be changed... Sound good? (No effect)
  2. You're having a nightmare. You know you are, but you can't wake up. In your dream, you see the forest in flames- the fire consumes everything... You then see the corpses of all your friends and allies- piled onto one another. Damian's clan stands around the pile, admiring their brutality. Many other disturbing images appear. You hear the voice someone familiar- Damian. His words scare you even more: "You can't hide from me, (Your name). The more you run, the more I look forward to killing you myself. Your time will come, soon enough. Go on, keep running. Think your safe. I'll find you..." His words drift off. You wake up in a cold sweat, terrified at what you just saw. What do you do?
  3. "Are you alright, (Your Name)? You seem different today..." Rachel asks you in the morning. "It's nothing..." You mumble.They don't buy it, but they let it go for now. Later that afternoon, you suddenly remember something: Rachel's power- to see the future. A little light bulb goes off in your head. You could ask Rachel what she sees in your future, and if Damian's mind games tell the truth. What do you do?
  4. "Rachel? Can I talk to you?" You ask, knocking on her room door. She answers the door with "Yeah, sure whats up?" You go inside, and sit down. "I was wondering if you could do a reading for me," You ask casually, as if nothing is wrong. "Sure, of course!" She says, somewhat flattered. "Mind if I ask why?"
  5. "Well Alright, gimmie your hand," She says, curious to what she'll see. You do what she says. Rachel goes into what seems almost like a trance. It is about thirty seconds before she answers. "I see a fire..." She begins. Fire? Oh no. The burning forest. "I see... A... A poorly made burial... Many deaths..." No. No. No. No. No. No. if your dream is true... then... "I saw a death in my dream. Am I still alive?" You ask, afraid you already know the answer. "He says he's coming, (Your name). When he finds you... There's no escape... You cant hide forever, he'll find you. (Your Name), he will return soon... Soon... You. You don't stand a chance..." Do you ask her to continue?
  6. "Soon... No... He already is here... Watching... there he is, behind you." She's seeing things, there's nobody there."Ah. Ah... AH. AHH!" Suddenly, Rachel falls to the floor in pain. Twitching uncontrollably- you immidatley know what's wrong... She's having a seziure. There's nothing you can do can do to calm her down, you shout for everyone to come in her room. Mark and John rush up the steps, following your cries. "What the... What did you do?!?!?!"
  7. Rachel recovers. You don't. Your dead. There's no denying. Your dead. Nothing you can do. What is your plan for tomorrow?
  8. Muahahaha, cliff hanger
  9. This quiz is to be continued :P
  10. Alright, you have nineteen left before the epic conclusion... good luck!

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