Death's Door Part Five

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Welcome back! In part five, you and your group head to another nearby Mutant camp to possibly make friends with them against the enemy. Good luck!

I wont say how, but part five and part six are VERY important to the story... You'll find out why at the end of part six. Part five is pretty easy, so enjoy :P.

Created by: James Bond
  1. So in part one you learned that you had a special gift. In part two, you learned what that gift was- and that there were others that shared in your powers. In part three, you learned that with power comes enemies. In part four, you learned that friends stick together, even in hopelessness. And now, in part five, you will learn that there is safety in numbers... Sound good? (No Effect)
  2. You and John are pleasantly talking in the living room. During your conversation, Mark comes in through the front door with a big smile on his face. "What are you so happy about?" John asks. "Do you guys know where Jack and Emily are? I have some good news," Mark says, grinning. "No, they're out at the store to stock up on food. Why, whats the news?" You ask. "I think I may have found us some allies from another mutant camp," Mark says happily. Allies. What is your opinion on this?
  3. "That's great!" You say. "Their powers any good?" You ask. "Well, I don't know too much yet, but I heard one of the girls of theirs can see into the future- not just hers, but everyone's," Mark says, still smiling widely. Huh, well that power sounds interesting. "I actually have a meeting set up with them tomorrow, so we'll all get to know each other better..." Later that night at the dinner table, Mark tells Emily and Jack the good news. They seem to like the idea, along with you and John. With the whole group on board, Mark sets the meeting with the possible allies early in the morning. After a long night of talking and laughing along together, the five of you decide that you should all get some rest. Now here's the hard part- Guard duty for the night. Who's Guarding tonight?
  4. With John guarding, the other four of you rest easy. Lying in bed, you suddenly realize something: You haven't seen your parents for a week. They must be worried sick, looking everywhere for you... But that's the problem: You don't know how far away you are from them. You grew up in Texas, and now, you have a nice view of the mountains. Unless the world has got everything backwards, there are no mountains in Texas, so there's no telling where you are... Putting all of that out of your mind, you get some sleep. The next morning, Four of you pile into the car, with sixteen year old Mark at the wheel. One of you has to stay and guard while the rest go try to make a friendship with another mutant camp... Who stays?
  5. The next morning comes, and you try to put the nightmare out of your mind. With four of you going to the ally camp, one of you needs to stay, and it cant be you- you decide you definitely want to talk to the fortune teller. Who stays?
  6. With Jack waving the four of you good luck, Mark backs down the driveway. After what seems like a long five hour drive, you finally make it to a cave up in the mountains. "This is it?" You say, unimpressed. The others share in your disappointment. Not really knowing what to expect, the four of you enter into the awkwardly small cave. But as you see the inside, you realize that you were wrong- the cave extends massively, lit up by a wall of torches to guide your way. What is your new reaction?
  7. The four of you finally reach the end of the cave, where you find the ally mutants... From the looks of it, they have built a tiny village made of stone from the cave. They are expecting you- a boy around 10 years old leads the four of you into a tiny stone hut. Inside, you see three mutants, sitting at an extending wooden table that looks like it belongs in a business boardroom. The four of you take seats at the table, the negotiations have begun. What is your plan for convincing them to join you?
  8. The meeting starts off well. The leader, or what you assume is the leader, introduces himself as David. He motions to the girl on his left who you guess is the fortune teller that Mark was telling you about and introduces her as Rachel. On his right, a boy named James. "So, I think one of my questions is, why now to be allies?" David asks, his question asked to you. How do you answer?
  9. "Well, we've been having some problems with another enemy group led by someone named Damian. Damian's mutants have us outnumbered currently Thirty to five... Making some friends could make that number go up," You answer back, unsure if that was the answer that David was looking for. He thinks about this for a minute. For some reason, he agrees. You are now allies. As a sign of your new friendship, he offers you Rachel as a member of your group. The four of you gladly accept, and happily begin the drive back home. This Quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. Due to the results of the voting, I will be making Twenty-Five in this series. I will try to post a new one every other day, if not every week. Thanks guys :P.

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